[MP3] Final DJs reMix Stevie Nicks’ ‘Stand Back’



It’s Basti from Germany’s finest Synth lovers Final DJs’ birthday! To celebrate this auspicious occasion the duo have whipped up this luscious reMix of Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie NicksStand Back. It’s an epic vocal that fits in nicely with Final DJs epic synth ethos. Expect hazy electronic vibes.

Loaded with dreamy synths, as thick as you like, this reMix is a multi layers wave of electronic goodness. Waves of rich tones and nostalgic hooks crash over Stevie Nicks husky vocal. With just a hint of Cosmic Disco and Italo amongst the slick SynthWave styled ElectroPop, Final Djs make the track both hazily nostalgia and futuristic at the same time. Retro future beauty from Germany with a soulful American vocal, what more could you want?

Stevie Nicks – Stand Back (Final DJs reMix)

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[Audio] Black Magic Disco’s ‘First Avenue’ reMixes



It’s been quite a while since the release of Black Magic Disco’s Downtown single, over a year in fact. The release came equipped with a storming B-side track, First Avenue, that this week gains single status of it’s own with the unleashing of BMD’s First Avenue reMixes on Pole Position Recordings. Pulling together talent such as Final DJs, Viper Strike, Phunktastike and Tom Eales, alongside BMD himself, this release covers a nice chunk of dancefloor ground.

The obvious track of most interest in the collection comes from Pole Position’s own Viper Strike who have teamed up with Mr. Patrick Baker to create a slick vocal version of the track. All sweeping synths and lazy piano hooks, Viper Strike’s mix a pure poolside bliss. A proper late summer nights groove with a smooth voice, these guys nicely weave together Disco and House. Germany’s Final DJs, the most prolific guys in Nu-Disco it seems, get into a bit of an SynthWave/Boogie crossover groove with their reMix. Mixing up Bronx beats with Acidic squeals and Sci-Fi synths, this duo roll their own genre and give it a Disco twist. Black Magic Disco’s own reimagining of First Avenue replaces the originals midnight funk with some full-on Chicago House sounds. Revelling in it’s early 90s heritage, BMD’s mix is a total white gloves moment. Also holding reMixes from Phunktastike and Tom Eales, this reMix package is definitely worth checking out.

♫ Black Magic Disco – First Avenue (Viper Strike (Feat. Patrick Baker) reMix)

♫ Black Magic Disco – First Avenue (Final DJs reMix)

♫ Black Magic Disco – First Avenue (Black Magic Disco reMix)

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[MP3] Final DJs’ ‘Feel Your Breath’



Another new single from Final DJs?!?!? They just don’t quit do they? Whenever Germany’s finest release a new tune it;s always a guessing game as to whether it’ll be SynthWave Final DJs or Nu-Disco Final DJs, whether it’ll be sweeping cinematic synths or groovy Tropical riffs. This new tune, Feel Your Breath, featured on the We Re-Created Disco, is a little of both, but leaning toward mirrorballed dancefloors.

Before we talk about the rest of the song, we just have to mention the insane, emotional, spine-tingling breakdown in this tune. A shuffling, rich, build with gentle vocal tones that is prefect for winding up excitement on the floor. Feel Your Breath itself is pure Final DJs’ epicness. A bouncy bassline is set off with soaring synth solos that take you on a journey throughout the track. One of this duos finest to date, Feel Your Breath is every bit for your mind and your ears as it is for your feet. The complete package.

Final DJs – Feel Your Breath

Final DJs’ Feel Your Breath is out now.

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[MP3] Final DJs’ new single


Final DJs

Here’s the new single from Germany’s Final DJs. Having had their recent single, Moonshine, dropped to critical acclaim the duo have decided to unleash this one on the world for free. Flash In The Night rocks big Italo vibes whist it’s B-side, Los Angeles takes a trip on a smoother, more soulful, sound.

Flash In The Night is pure robo-Disco. Centred around a machine code vocoded vocal, the track mixes up Kraftwerk flavours with big nostalgic synth sounds and an 80s European dancefloor vibe. Around the mid-point, the track really up’s it’s epicness game with extra levels of harmonic vocoding and and a push in energy. The flip-side, Los Angeles, brings the laid back atmosphere, with lazy slap bass and a wind swept sax solo. Melding French Touch and LA Beach Funk, Los Angeles rock a mode set for late night disco or hazy days by the pool. Go grab this package for free here.

Final DJs – Flash In The Night

Final DJs – Los Angeles

Final DJs’ Flash In The Night is out now. Pick it up here.

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[Audio] L’Equipe Du Son reMixed by Moustache Machine and Final DJs


L’Equipe Du Son

Dutch Disco don L’Equipe Du Son, still riding high on his recently released Transmissions album, is gearing up for the release of that records first single featuring the tracks Le Rocker and Snowballing and a whole host of reMixes. We already hit you with Emeron & Fox’s take in Le Rocker last month, so let’s check out two of the single’s other highlights featuring work from one of our favourite Parisian producers Moustache Machine and Germany’s finest, Final DJs.

Moustache Machine works his slick French groove on Le Rocker and morphs the track from a rough Electro stomper into an enticing robo-Disco floorfiller. Powered in equal parts by a driving, arpeggiated Italo bassline and a twisting Continental synth Funk hook. Working each element perfectly, Moustache Machine whips up a cyborg Disco storm that just keeps assaulting you with layers of intertwining melodies. Final DJs take on Snowballing and bring their synth love to the table on full effect. The SynthWave duo keep it steady and deliver waves of lush, warm synths and irresistible vintage beats. It;s a packed reMix package, six tracks, that makes a great compliment to the album.

♫ L’Equipe Du Son – Le Rocker (Moustache Machine reMix)

♫ L’Equipe Du Son – Snowballing (Final DJs reMix)

L’Equipe Du Son Transmissions is out now on Silhouette Music. The reMixes are released 6th May.

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[Audio] Final DJs’ new single



Moonshine, from Germany’s finest Final DJs, is a track of theirs from last year which is now getting a full release this week courtesy of Pole Position Recordings out of Cardiff. You’ve read all about the smooth synth funk of the original before, so lets peep our beady eyes on a couple of the awesome reMixes that come bundled with Moonshine.

First up is the Dutch king of the Analog groove, Auxiliary Tha Masterfader. Aux delivers one of his trademark phat bassed jams. Big squelchy synths and vintage Disco grooves drive the track along until Aux is just about ready to drop some twisting solos on us. Playing with the originals solos Aux conjures up new melodic rhythms. Phunktastike’s contribution to the single takes the track down a more Disco-tinged House route. It’s feel good summery vibes all the way with this one, drop in a little laid back vocodering Like an updated Dreamwave vibe, this track merges a west coast nostalgic groove with a little Chicago feel. The single also comes equipped with a third reMix from Cram, it’s a package well worth picking up for some sunshine, or moonshine, vibes.

♫ Final DJs – Moonshine (Auxiliary Tha Masterfader 1984 Rework)

♫ Final DJs – Moonshine (Phunktastike reMix)

Final DJs’ Moonshine is out now.

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[Audio] Final DJs & Gin Joints ‘City Nights’


Final DJs

Germany’s finest, Final DJs, are set to release another new single next week. This time the Dreamwave duo are teaming up with Sweedish lover of 80s Funk, Gin Joints. The meeting of these minds can result in nothing but the finest smooth synth sounds. This is one to get you geared up for the weekend.

The single comes with a storming reMix package featuring some awesome work from Figure Of 8, Neon Workout, Knbtz and Gin Joints himself, but right now we can grab a listen to the original version wich sees Final DJs funking it out with a fat-as-hell synth boogie bass and shimmering chords. Gin Joints lays down some smooth vocals on the track and give it a classy, late night, vibe. Overall though, it’s be that bassline that’ll get you hooked. It’s hypnotic I tells ya. Also, did he just say “listen to some Chromeo”? I was kinda’ happy listening to Final DJs and Gin Joints.

♫ Final DJs (Feat. Gin Joints) – City Nights (Original Mix)

Final DJs’ City Nights is released 27th March.

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[MP3] Final DJs reMix Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Germany’s finest, Final DJs, really know how to take a track you already love, and give it a spin that bring it right up to date without loosing any retro cool. They have delivered once again with this storming reMix of Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s 1983 début, Relax. Trevor Horn produced slick 80s funk-Pop meets soaring synth Dreamwave Disco, a match made in heaven.

Frankie always had a somewhat Sci-Fi element to their brand, and Final DJs ramp that up considerable. This is Frankie Goes To Hollywood in the year 2019. A dance track that reaches the songs emotional core, bringing out this big chord progressions with layers of lush synths and a retro bassline, so powerful it moves you with each key change. The prefect platform of FgtH’s instantly recognisable tune, the track goes next level when the solo kicks in, from then on in the seven minute epic just soars, and you are helpless to resist being carried with it.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Relax (Final DJs Relax On The Beach reMix)

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[Audio] Final DJs’ ‘One Day In The Sun’


Released at the end of the month is the new single from Germany’s finest, Final DJs. This time round we are treated to a vocal track from these guys, enlisting the smooth tones of Stee Downes. The mere idea of Final DJs doing a vocal track is enough to get us excited, and the track doesn’t disappoint.

The single is titled One Day In The Sun, and it does exactly what it says on the tin. Final DJs have conjured up a laid back, summery, slice of synth love. Drawing on all their talents in Dreamwave, Nu-Disco and House, the guys have delivered a track that covers all those bases. The floaty synth pads of Dreamwave, the funky licks of Nu-Disco and a storming House undercurrent all work together prefect with Stee’s good-time vocals being the icing on the cake. It’s all about the endless summer.

♫ Final DJs (Feat. Stee Downes) – One Day In The Sun (Extended Mix)

Final DJs’ One Day In The Sun is released 28th January.

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[Audio] Kris Menace & Miss Kittin reMixed by Final DJs


Here it is, Germany’s finest all together. Dreamwave heroes Final DJs mixing up a smooth storm with their official reMix of Kris Menace and Miss Kittin’s new single, Hide. Bringing a different flavour to the track than the other versions, Final DJs deliver some seriously Cosmic Disco for dreamers.

Final DJs carry all their sweetest tricks to the table on this one, working in miss Kittin’s distant vocal into a galactic, laid-back, Disco groove. Clocking in at an epic six minutes, the track gives Final DJs more than enough time to introduce their retro bests and truly soaring synth leads. it;s a mix loaded with synth love and a fitting finale to and amazing year for Final DJs, who have consistently released some of the best synth Disco and Dreamwave around in 2012.

♫ Kris Menace (Feat. Miss Kittin) – Hide (Final DJs reMix)

Kris Menace’s Hide is out now.

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