[Download] Empire Of The Sun’s ‘Wandering Star’ reMixes by Final DJs



Germany’s première SynthWave outfit Final DJs have turned in another one of their monster, euphoric, slices of synthesizer gold. This time of target of the Sci-Fi workout is the Southern Hemisphere’s most mystical ElectroPop duo, Empire Of the Sun. Final DJs have got to grips with their track, Wandering Star, and turned it into a cinematic synth masterpiece.

There is some absolutely gorgeous sounds in this reMix. At it’s heart the tune is a deft mix of SynthWave and Nu-Disco, pretty standard dancefloor fare, but coupled with Final DJs’ flair for vintage synths and soaring solos the tune is elevated to a higher place. A hands-in-the-air moment for the Dreamwave crowd, this tune should be soundtracking peak time at retro synth nights across the globe.

Empire Of The Sun – Wandering Star (Final DJs reMix)

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