[Audio] Jordan F’s ‘Mesmerised’


Jordan F

There are a few artists who have been with us since the beginning. Starting out not long after electronic rumours was born and we’ve follow their careers as they have progressed. Some flee by the wayside, never to be heard of again, and some went from strength to strength. Australia’s Jordan F is one of these artists we’ve been with since day one, and he’s definitely one of the strength to strength-ers. Starting out at the beginning of the second wave of Dreamwave artists (the scene have just come off MySpace) Jordan quickly rose through the ranks; showing himself as a producer enhanced musicality and a knack for retro flair without the constructions of genre.

He was quickly picked up by the elite best-of-the-best of the Dreamwave seen, Rosso Corsa Records (home to Mitch Murder and Miami Nights 1984) and, after flexing his musical muscles on numerous EPs, his début album Slipstream was finally released last year.

It’s a surprise, then, to learn that he’s following up with a sophomore long player so soon afterwards having recently announced that the sequel he’s coming soon. The announcement came with the Album’s premier single, Mesmerised.

Mesmerised comes equipped with vocal stylings of Canadian SynthWave scene hired gun Dana Jean Phoenix, a singer whose look and sound delivers an authentic 80s pop sheen to the tracks she collaborates on. Mesmerised might just be her finest appearance to date as she and Jordan tread the lilting, laid back, hazy nostalgia path laid by the likes of Electric Youth.

These two are a match made in vintage heaven as Jordan’s restrained and mature soundtrack of tight digital bass, understated drums and a sea of lush pads is prefect for Dana to weave a delicious and gentle 80s Pop ditty throughout. As with many of Jordan’s tunes his soaring solos steal the show infusing Mesmerised with the fluid excitement that plays with Donna’s vocals like a call-and-response. It looks like, with his new album, Jordan F be taking them to school once again.

♫ Jordan F (Feat. Dana Jean Phoenix) – Mesmerised

Jordan F’s Mesmerised is out now.

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[Audio] God Made ME Funky’s ‘So Complicated’


God Made ME Funky

It seems that when Dana Jean Phoenix isn’t being a retro Pop star, or the voice of choice of the SynthWave scene, the Torontonian is part of eight-piece Funk collective God Made ME Funky. A brief skirt through their back catalogue revels an Acid Jazz heavy collection of smooth Funk and R&B grooves, but Dana recently uploaded a new tune to her SoundCloud page, and it’s pure ElectroPop brilliance. It would appear he SynthWave is starting to affect the rest of her band!

So Complicated is vintage Soul Pop gold. Hints of Jam & Lewis, Chromeo and even Five Star glisten though the track as thick, nostalgic, synths rub shoulders with wicked little licks and the occasional talkbox accompaniment. Dana is at her 80s finest here and her huge vocal is perfectly balanced in the track; there’s a lot going on here, but it never feels cluttered. This is the first we’d heard from God Made ME Funky, but we’ll definitely be checking out their new album, Funky Fly ‘N’ Free, when it’s released in March.

♫ God Made ME Funky – So Complicated

God Made ME Funky’s Funky Fly ‘N’ Free is released 24th March,

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[Download] Final DJs & Dana Jean Phoenix’s ‘We Are The Night’



Stop the press. There’s a new tune from the newly solo and still pluralised Final DJs. This time Final DJs has enlisted the help of SynthWave scene staple Dana Jean Phoenix on vocal duties, and the Canadian songstress adds that little bit of nostalgic flair to an otherwise Housey tune. Check out We Are The Night Below.

Crisp and clean, We Are The Night wears it’s Nu-Disco and French Touch roots on it’s sleeve. Warm basslines and heavy filtering underpin proceedings, creating a groaning core of some lush synth stabs and chirping leads. Dana’s vocal glides over the track like silk, tying everything together nicely and giving the track the human touch. Excellent summer evening listening.

Final DJs (Feat. Dana Jean Phoenix) – We Are The Night (Short Vocal Cut)

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[Audio] Miles Prower’s ‘These Days’



Bristol SynthWavers Miles Prower go all power-balled with their latest tune, These Days. Taken (again) from their forthcoming new EP, Virtually Reality, this one enlists the help of SynthWave vocalist du’jour Dana Jean Phoenix and brings down the tempo a bit to serve up something for your soul rather than your feet.

These Days actually marks a distinct shift in Miles Prowers music, one we’ve suspected coming for a while now. whist Dana Jean Phoenix’s nostalgic vocals and the songs arrangement are pure 80s power ballad fare, the sound and production itself are about as far away from the 80s as you can get. Mire akin to mid-90s EBM or the more avant-guard end of that era’s SynthPop, Miles Prower invoke a raw production style and modern abrasive digital synth sounds. This makes a for a really nice contrast, caustic music with sweet vocals, and makes the track more interesting than many of it’s contemporaries. Roll on the EP!

♫ Miles Prower (Feat. Dana Jean Phoenix) – These Days

Miles Prower’s Virtually Reality is due out this summer.

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[Audio] Sunglasses Kid & Dana Jean Phoenix


Dana Jean Phoenix

London based SynthWaver Sunglasses Kid has once again teamed-up with Canadian songstress Dana Jean Phoenix to deliver another wonderful slice of retro Pop. Having previously caught our attention with their tune 1980s Summer Breakup their next record, You’re Not Alone, cements this partnership’s reputation for classic sounding ElectroPop goodness.

What we’ve got here is five minutes of proper, optimistic, uplifting, 80s Pop. You’re Not Alone is a neon soaked symphony of sparking synths and brisk beats. The track’s got an airy quality to it, both the music and vocals are light and forgiving, and you can’t help but be in a good mood after giving You’re not Alone a listen. Dana Jean Phoenix’s truly authentic 80s Power Pop vocal style doesn’t hurt either as she charges her way through an anthem of self-belief.. Worthy of the best 80’s teen movie soundtracks, Sunglasses Kid & Dana Jean Phoenix have knocked out another corking tune.

♫ Sunglasses Kid (Feat. Dana Jean Phoenix) – You’re Not Alone

Sunglasses Kid’s You’re Not Alone is out now.

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[Video] Sunglasses Kid & Dana Jean Phoenix’s ‘1980s Summer Breakup’


Sunglasses Kid   1980s Summer Breakup  feat. Dana Jean Phoenix  in HD   YouTube

This is the new video for 1980s Summer Breakup, a SynthWave collaboration between retro influenced songstress Dana Jean Phoenix and producer Sunglasses Kid. An authentically 80s sounding Pop epic.

Directed by PHATT al, the clip plays into the track’s nostalgia with a soft focus array of good times.

Sunglasses Kid’s 1980s Summer Breakup is out now.

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Betamaxx new tune


Here’s a new one from Pittsburgh SynthWaver Betamaxx. It’s been a few months since we last featured Nick Morey’s 80s sounds, but this new track has a sweet vocal from Dana Jean Phoenix, which definitely got out attention.

The Sure Thing is a little rough around the edges, but that seems to be part of it’s charm. It’s a warm, nostalgic slice of retro Pop. We knew Betamaxx was highly skilled in the production of vintage sounding synth music, and this track is full of bright chords and arpeggiated basslines dong the job, but Dana Jean’s vocals are also amazingly 80s sounding. Both in performance and arrangement, the vocal line of The Sure Thing exudes a authentically mid-80s cool. Hopefully Betamaxx will get round to a new EP sometimes soon.

Betamaxx (Feat. Dana Jean Phoenix) – The Sure Thing

Check out more from Betamaxx on SoundCloud.