[Audio] Ronika reMixed by Sugardaddy



Now that our girl Ronika’s utterly infectious Rough ‘N’ Soothe is out in the wild, and one of our surprise anthems of the summer (we say ‘surprise’ because we weren’t expecting it to get that stuck in our heads), we can give you a listen to the final reMix. this one comes from Sugardaddy, long standing duo comprised of Groove Armada’s Tom Findlay and Tim Hutton.

Sugardaddy whip up a vibe that walks the line between 80s epic and deep bassy House track. Bleeding snatches of rockin’ riff and soulful chimes over a B-Boy beat, this reMix created a enigmatic club groove for Ron’s vocals to drift in and out of. Replete with all manner of synthetic flourishes, the track feels like a Dub version of an existing tune, whist we imagine the other track to be lush 80s electronic Soul, this reMix is squarely aimed at late night dancefloors. Also, 100 points for the hilarious photo, that’s a genuine headline!

♫ Ronika – Rough ‘N’ Soothe (Sugardaddy reMix)

Ronika’s Rough ‘N’ Soothe is out now.

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[Audio] Viceroy & French Horn Rebellion reMixes



A few weeks ago we introduced you to the new collaborative single from Viceroy and French Horn Rebellion, who have teamed up to deliver the awesome Friday Nights. You can read all about that here, but now the single is out it’s time to get your ears around the reMix package, the highlights of which come from the Disco name on everybody’s lips, Bronx, and big room producer Jessie Andrews.

First up is Bronx, who whips the tracks up into a warm, rounded House tune with a big Chicago hook. With both feet firmly planted in the warehouse, Bronx breaks out the 909 beats, organ basslines and piano riffs, which bring a new, enigmatic, edge to the tune. This one’s not so much about chilling with your peeps on Friday Night, as in the original, as dancing ‘til morning in some darkened venue. Jessie Andrews mix also heads straight to the dancefloor, but in this case it’s in the main room at peak time as growling synths and big Disco hooks mash together to create a driving tune with a big euphoric breakdown. The EP also comes equipped with work from Rush Midnight and is a sweet package.

♫ Viceroy & French Horn Rebellion – Friday Nights (Bronx Night Dub)

♫ Viceroy & French Horn Rebellion – Friday Nights (Jessie Andrews reMix)

Viceroy & French Horn Rebellion’s Friday Nights is out now.

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[MP3] Deluce’s ‘ Signs’



No sooner does Parisian Elector-House producer Deluce jump back onto our radar, after four years, with a storming reMix of Pyramid’s The Frontier, and he’s back with a new track, Signs. Signs give us a better feel for what he;s been up to recently and where he’s going (Spoiler Alert: It’s to some pretty dark places).

Signs is a growling slab of Industrial-tinged Electro. Brutal in it’s execution and leaving very little respite from abrasive synth sounds throughout it’s length. Meticulously crafted, this tune feels like a labour or love, from it’s dirty, Acid Techno bass to it’s eerie melodies, and it’s distorted samples, everything feels honed to it’s sharpest edge. It’s a proper musical narrative too, weaving a story over it’s five minutes, even become a little optimistic toward the end and it’s digital sax finale. It;s a harsh track, but it’s supposed to be. It is, however, very very good.

Deluce – Signs

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[Audio] IV



IV (we’re not sure if that’s ‘4’, or ‘Intravenous’) is anew Parisian Horror Disco (their words) duo featuring one half of Kitsuné releasers Logo. They’ve just released their début EP, titled The Place Where We Were Hidden on Mental Groove Records. In the tradition of some great atmospheric movie synth in France right now (think: Pyramid) IV bring beats, synths and a cinematic tension.

The EP is three tracks, two originals and a reMix (which, really, makes it a double A-side single), the originals being Alaska and Doppelganger. These guys create a brooding atmosphere of dread whilst keeping things pretty upbeat. Taking cues from the likes of John Carpenter and grooves from Moroder, IV build undulating waves of vintage synths to fill you with fear whilst making you dance. Alaska combines the best in dark Italo beats and late 70s/early 80s synthesizer soundtrack music, with a compelling rhythm section and haunting melodies it really sets the tone for IV’s work. Doppelganger delivers a more pounding beat and leans slightly more in the direction of what you might expect from French Electro, with one foot in the Ed Banger camp, whist keeping all of it;s eerie Horror soundtrack credentials. Check out something dark and different, that still makes you dance.

♫ IV – Alaska

♫ IV – Doppelganger

IV’s The Place Where We Were Hidden is out now and includes a reMix of Alaska from Japanese outfit Crystal.

Check out more from IV on SoundCloud.

[Audio] Justice reMixes Boys Noize


Boys Noize

Even if Boys Noize did turn in a half-hearted, pretty mediocre album last year, he still knows how to pick a reMixer. Following hot on the heels of Chromeo’s stunning reMix of What You Want come this version of the single Ich R U by the second members of the disappointing album last year committee, Justice with a track that redeems them both.

The Justice reMix of Ich R U is a grinding Electro workout that harkens back to Justice’s glory days. majestic and slowly gruelling, Justice’s mix delivers all the stuff we loves about them in the first place. Brooding, dramatic Electro-House that builds to a storming crescendo. Deep pulsating synths, hypnotic little licks, and that piercing, baroque, quality that Justice got so right on †. It’s just a pity this’ll likely be a one-off sound.

♫ Boys Noize – Ich R U (Justice reMix)

Ich R U is released, as Boysnoize Records 100th release, with reMixes from justice and The Chemical Brothers, on 18th March.

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[Audio] Fabian’s back!


We were just wondering the other day when LA finest Electro-House producer Fabian was going to drop something new on us. One of the top dogs in the Binary crew, Fabian has such a varied repertoire, you never know what his next track is going to be like, except that you know it’ll be funky.

A Million To One is his latest cut begins with a shuffling beat, building a 909 snare anticipation before it, unexpectedly, drops a big vocal hook on you. this is a track that’s built around a catchy lyric and a big Electro-House hook. Popping percussion give it a little retro edge, whist the majority of the track is straight-up banger. The uplifting vocal, combined with some Cosmic synths, give A Million To One a soaring quality that’s bound to have the kids reaching for the lasers all summer.

♫ Fabian – A Million To One

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[News] Vitalic & Yuksek hit London

There’s another hot night fast approaching for Londoners in March as Vitalic headlines a special Easter show at Koko in Camden.

We we’re a bit disappointed by Vitalic’s last album, but he does put on a hell of a live show and the supporting talent is pretty insane. Yuksek, who’s set to be the highlight of the evening, with Etienne De Crécy, Kap Bambino, GooseDragonette and Blende. that’s some top electronic talent to be gracing one stage, in one night. And that’s before you factor in Punx Soundcheck hosting a second room. Phew!

Yuksek, Dragonette and Blende are worth the admission price alone.


Full details here.

[Audio] Thunderclaw


Completely out of the blue we are hit by yet another totally new talent. it;s always the most exciting time as a music writer, to be compelled to put down words about, not the latest release by whatever name brings in traffic these days, or by whatever PR person you’re trying to keep on the good side of, but by someone genuinely fresh. Enter Thunderclaw. He’s got four followers on SoundCloud right now, we’re hoping this little article can go some way to rectifying that.

Thunderclaw is Filip Järnmark, resident of Sockholm, which is home of some of the best electronic music on the planet so he’s in good company, and delving into his SoundCloud reveals a selection of tracks that straddle the gap between SynthWave and Electro-House, with a touch of Disco boogie. Magiccc is our favourite of his tunes. A driving Electronic track with a hypnotic synth hook that drags you along though four minutes of Disco infused SynthWave. Full of bright synth stabs and buzzing bass, this track was an immediate attention grabber. Voyage is another of his good ones, this time he brings a little hardcore Italo into the fold, mutating it into a grinding Electro monster. Relentless and pounding until it breaks into a soaring Sci-Fi lead riff, this track is night driving gold. this is one new producer we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on.

♫ Thunderclaw – Magiccc

♫ Thunderclaw – Voyage

Check out more from Thunderclaw on SoundCloud.

[Audio] The Elriks’ ‘I Am Who I Am’

The Elriks

The latest release on La Belle Records comes courtesy of French Electro duo The Elriks, whose I Am Who I Am EP delivers four tracks of grinding, yet melodic Electro-House with a Deep and Disco twist. Like an onslaught of (soon-to-be) robotic overlords, these four tracks manage to merge the mechanical and funky for a powerful experience.

The lead track, I Am Who I Am, is a bit reminiscent of old Simian Mobile Disco. it’s chainsaw synth bass seems like a strange companion for groovy horn samples, but these guys make it work. APZee’s vocals just add to the tracks abrasive infectiousness. Our favourite track off of the EP, though, is Like A Robot. The Elriks reign things in a little on this tune, producing something a little deeper, a little more atmospheric, and a little more dancefloor friendly. A hypnotic track with a low, low bass that gets under you skin before the BladeRunner lead enters the picture. Proper Sci-Fi House.

♫ The Elriks (Feat. APZee) – I Am Who I Am

♫ The Elriks – Like A Robot

The Elriks’ I Am Who I Am is released 11th February.

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[News] Kavinsky’s London launch party

With SynthWave master Kavinsky’s album just around the corner, due for a February release, the man himself is set to visit London for what promises to be a full-on night of blistering Electro in celebration of the record’s release.

The Dead Cruiser descends on a secret London warehouse location 2nd March for one of the hot tickets of the year so far.


Find the latest details here.

Kavinsky’s début album, Outrun, is released 25th February.

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