[Audio] Kavinsky’s ‘Sovereign’



On Friday French Electro/SynthWave master Kavinsky unexpectedly dropped a brand new track. It;s taken from his OutRun Live Tour, we’re not sure if that means we can expect on official release soon or not, but on Friday he gave the world a taste of what many (including us) have experienced live in the past couple of years. Friday afternoon/evening released don’t really work for us, I mean, it’s the start of the weekend, our eyes are on a different prize. So here we are, a couple of days late with the news. Deal with it.

Sovereign is rough, brooding, and quintessentially Kavinsky. A mid tempo burner full of sinister synths and ominous builds. Another page int he Dead Cruiser’s story, the unmistakable retro HorrorWave (yup, just invented a word….*quickly Googles*…maybe not) is loaded with hammerfall beats layered with the kind of synths that give you a panic attack. This is a dancefloor creepfest of the highest order.

♫ Kavinsky – Sovereign

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[video] Kavinsky’s ‘Odd Look’


Kavinsky   Odd Look   YouTube

Here’s the video for Kavinsky’s current single, Odd Look, taken from the SynthWavemeister’s excellent début album, OutRun.

Directed by Marcus Herring, the clip continues the adventures of the Deadcruiser as he swoops to the brutal rescue of a diner waitress, dishing out some zombie justice.

Kavinsky’s Odd Look single is out now.

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[Audio] Kavinsky reMixed by Surkin



It’s the second reMix to Kavinsky’s forthcoming Odd Look single. We introduced you to A-Trak’s reMix last week and next on the bill it’s fellow Frenchman Surkin. Surkin lends his deep French Electro sound to the originals haunting SynthWave resulting in a pounding slice of robotic emotion.

The chord progression of the original tune is one that is evocative and cinematic, and that plays nicely into Surkin’s hands as he delivers a bassy Electro-House floorfiller with enough raw beats to keep the kids happy and enough humanity to lift their spirits. We can see this one going down a treat at certain gatherings over the summer months.The EP is out soon, along with Kavinsky’s Dead Cruiser mobile game.

♫ Kavinsky – Odd Look (Surkin reMix)

Kavinsky’s Odd Look single is released soon, the OutRun album is out now.

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[Audio] Kavinsky reMixed by A-Trak



New is starting to come in about SynthWave pioneer Kavinsky’s new single, the first following Protovision and the excellent OutRun album. The subject of the single will be the album track Odd Look, which was the highlight of OutRun’s new material. Amongst the single reMixes will be this cut-up job from A-Trak.

Bringing a bit of an Electro Dancehall flavour to the track and turns the tune chord progression into a grinding chainsaw riff. The track is equal parts dancefloor igniting and sinister as hell. With brutal bass and cinematic leads, it’s the drums that really compel in this track. It’s a fine mix that leaves us with a taste to hear the rest. The EP is out soon, along with Kavinsky’s Dead Cruiser mobile game.

♫ Kavinsky – Odd Look (A-Trak reMix)

Kavinsky’s Odd Look single is released soon, the OutRun album is out now.

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[News] Kavinsky’s London launch party

With SynthWave master Kavinsky’s album just around the corner, due for a February release, the man himself is set to visit London for what promises to be a full-on night of blistering Electro in celebration of the record’s release.

The Dead Cruiser descends on a secret London warehouse location 2nd March for one of the hot tickets of the year so far.


Find the latest details here.

Kavinsky’s début album, Outrun, is released 25th February.

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[Video] Kavinsky’s ‘ProtoVision’ video

Yesterday, Outrun-Electro master Kavinsky dropped his first new single in ages, and the first from his forthcoming new album, ProtoVision.

Here’s the video, which sees Kavinsky himself as the Dead Cruiser, rocking through the streets of 80s LA. It;s car chases with class.

Kavinsky’s ProtoVision is out now, the album, Outrun, follows early 2013 on Record Makers.

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[Audio] Kavinsky’s ‘ProtoVision’


Here it is! After what seems like forever waiting for some new music, here’s the new single from Outrun-Electro original gangster Kavinsky. Released today, this is the first track from the dead Cruiser’s forthcoming album, cunningly titled Outrun. ProtoVision, as it turns out, was actually the track we heard a while back in this video (which has since been named accordingly). Loved it then, loving it more now.

ProtoVision is a grinding soundtrack to an 80s Sci-fi video nasty. A screaming robotic assault that references epic electronics from Jean Michel-Jarre to Brad Fiedel’s The Terminator soundtrack. Soaring synth leads and guitar wails strike dramatic moments over chainsaw synths and a tense bassline that growls at the heart of the track. In Kavinsky’s Dead Cruiser narrative this is one hell of a powerful beat, you can imagine what kind of high-stakes conflict is occurring and with the video (a still from which is above) coming very soon, maybe we’ll find out. Too often lumped in with the bog-standard distorted Electro crowd, Kavinsky is still the king of SynthWave/Outrun-Electro, and he;s back to show the imitators how it’s done.

♫ Kavinsky – ProtoVision

Kavinsky’s ProtoVision is out today, the album, Outrun, follows early 2013 on Record Makers.

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Kavinsky & Tommy


Despite a resurgence of interest in it after it’s prominence on the ‘Drive ‘soundtrack, Kavinsky’s ‘Nightcall’ is getting on a bit now, so I have to ask, “do we really need any more remixes of it, especially as when it was first released there was a remix competition?” Well SynthWave producer Tommy has answered that question, and surprisingly the answer is “yes!”.

The German SynthWave genius has created possibly the most beautiful reMix of this track we have ever heard. Subtly changing the lead riff and the progression in ways that, at times, make it feel like a brand new song. “A new lease of life” is a phrase that gets thrown around by people talking about reMixes all too often to the point where it becomes meaningless, but Tommy really does give ‘Nightcall’ a new lease of life. The track becomes slightly more uplifting musically, whist retaining the mid-tempo groove, a lot of the originals darkness is replaced with a more optimistic set of chords, which in turn seems to lift the amazing Lovefoxxx‘s vocals to an altogether poppier place. This track is the dawn to Kavinsky’s midnight.

Kavinsky (Feat. Lovefoxxx From CSS) – Nightcall (Tommy reMix)

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New track from Kavinsky!


A brand new track from Kavinsky’s forthcoming album has leaked, we’re usually a bit cautious about posting leaks, unofficial releases just hurt the artists release schedule, but Kavinsky himself linked to the leak on his Twitter account, so we guess it’s not too bad. Plus, we’re too drunk with excitement to contain ourselves.

‘RoadGame’ see the French SynthWave legend on top form, and more cinematic than ever with an epic building track that, as a precursor to the album, lets us know that Kavinsky’s soundtracking of the Dead Cruiser is far from over. No-one tells a story in music quite like Kavinsky with his releases to date telling the story of a Ferrari fuelled ghost driver, and that’s one of the greatest things about the man, he shook up Electro, nailed SynthWave and created a whole mythos too! This is probably going to be a contender for the album of the year.

♫ Kavinsky – RoadGame

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SebastiAn’s ‘Embody’ reMixed by Kavinsky

SebastiAn’s awesome new single ‘Embody’ gets a dark and heavy reMix treatment from Electro genius Kavinsky.

Relentless marching drums and massive, growling, synths take over the track, Like much of Kavinsky’s recent work he seems to be moving further and further from hectic dancefloor tracks and more into an evocative and atmospheric realm of Electro. It’s like the 80’s through a distortion pedal!

SebastiAn – Embody (Kavinsky reMix)

The ‘Embody EP’ is out April 4 and also features a reMix from DJ Premier, SebastiAn’s début album, Total, is out in May on Ed Banger.

SebastiAn @ Beatport

SebastiAn @ Juno

SebastiAn @ 7Digital

SebastiAn @ Amazon

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