[Video] Dragonette’s Run Run Run


Dragonette   Run Run Run  Official Video    YouTube

Here’s the video for rowdy Canadian Indie-ElectroPoppers Dragonette’s new single Run Run Run. It;s their latest album’s opener and sets the record up in epic style.

The clip is directed by Drew Lightfoot, and it’s nice to see Dragonette making proper videos again, although not for those that get travel sick.

Dragonette’s Run Run Run taken from the album Bodyparts, out now.

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[News] Vitalic & Yuksek hit London

There’s another hot night fast approaching for Londoners in March as Vitalic headlines a special Easter show at Koko in Camden.

We we’re a bit disappointed by Vitalic’s last album, but he does put on a hell of a live show and the supporting talent is pretty insane. Yuksek, who’s set to be the highlight of the evening, with Etienne De Crécy, Kap Bambino, GooseDragonette and Blende. that’s some top electronic talent to be gracing one stage, in one night. And that’s before you factor in Punx Soundcheck hosting a second room. Phew!

Yuksek, Dragonette and Blende are worth the admission price alone.


Full details here.

[Video] Dragonette’s ‘Merry Xmas (Says Your Text Message)’

Here’s the video for Canadian Indie-Electro crew Dragonette’s raucous X-Mas single, Merry Xmas (Says Your Text Message).

It’s a bit cheeky using a lyric video (which no-one really likes) as an official video, a bit cheap too, but it is nicely animated. Just a bit disappointing that Dragonette couldn’t make the effort, and the label didn’t have the faith in them to spend the money, to make a proper videos. It is fun, for what it’s worth, we just hate lyric videos.

Dragonette’s Merry Xmas (Says Your Text Message) is out now.

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Dragonette’s X-Mas single


Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the first X-Mas single of the year! jumping the gun slightly in early November (is it time to feel X-Massy yet?), but still wining the prize is Canadian ElectroPop noiseniks Dragonette, who have managed to be seasonal and ‘down with tha kids’ by combining a bittersweet X-Mas tune with text messaging. Nice!

Merry Xmas (Says Your Text Message) has got bells in it, we should make that clear from the start, and choir sounds. Oh and copious amounts of the work “Fuck”, which is pretty special for an X-Mas song, also pronouncing X-Mas, “X-Mas” is appealing too. So, as you can probably gather, this is the anti-X-Mas love song set the traditional seasonal Pop that’s has had a few rounds in Dragonette’s grinding machine, sounding in-your-face but still holing on to some of that sparking X-Mas tune hopefulness and majesty. The best of all worlds really.

♫ Dragonette – Merry Xmas (Says Your Text Message (Explicit Version))

Dragonette’s Merry Xmas (Says Your Text Message) is released 20th November.

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Dragonette’s new single


Canada’s finest power ElectroPop export Dragonette have just dropped their latest single, the follow up to April’s ‘Let it Go’. It’s just the kind of slinky electronic Pop that made our attention turn to Dragonette in the first place.

‘Rocket Ship’ is in-your-face Pop music, but we’d expect no less from these guys. Anthemic and quirky in equal doses is what Dragonette does best. Bouncy and fun verses slide effortlessly into big rocky choruses without either blinking an eye or asking permission. As with most Dragonette tracks it’s probably best not to worry about it too much and just let the track carry you in whatever direction it wants to. Dragonette are ready to become global overlords, just go with it. With densely layered, juggernaut Pop tracks like this, it’s best not to argue.

Dragonette – Rocket Ship

Dragonette’s new album, ‘Bodyparts’ will be released this September.

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Dragonette’s ‘Let It Go’ video

The crushing electronic Power Pop of Dragonette’s new single ‘Let It Go’ is now available in video form.

Drew Lightfoot directs this series of medical experiments and Falshdance montages. This single is gonna’ be huge.

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Dragonette’s new single


Duck and cover, Dragonette are back. The first bomb to drop from their new album, ‘Let It Go’ is the first single and title track. Power ElectroPop incoming!

‘Let It Go’ is full-on, in-your-face, ElectroPop awesomeness. Upbeat and fun, with a bouncy groove, the new single is the Canadian’s on top form. As with most of their recent tracks, this is total synthesizer assault. A hint of Dreamwave gives ‘Let It Go’ a nice summery feel over is pure anthemic Pop. Big synths, big beats, big sing-along-lyrics and probably headed for doing big things in the charts.

♫ Dragonette – Let It Go

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Echoes’ ‘Love Won’t Save You Now’

Things are shifting into overdrive at camp Echoes, the guys are putting the finishing touches to a very special début single release. Exciting stuff indeed.

In the meantime they have dropped a brand new track, ‘Love Won’t Save You Now’. An awesome compelling track, in itself single material, reminiscant of early 2000’s Swedish SynthPop with more contemporary Indie-Electro overtones. That’s right, there’s an Indie flavour to ‘Love Won’t Save You Now’ that gives the track an driving energy, propelling the track onward. This track is going to be amazing live!

You’ll notice there’s a few bands we feature fairly regularly here on electronic rumors, we love them all but there is probably a handful that I would be willing to bet my hard earned cash on that they are actually going to be big. Echoes are defiantly one of them.

Echoes – Love Won’t Save You Now

But it doesn’t stop there (I’m starting to wonder if Echoes ever sleep?), check this reMix they put together of Martin Solveig & Dragonette’s ‘Hello’, that’s how they get their bass heavy SynthPop on!

Martin Solveig & Dragonette – Hello (Echoes reMix)

Echoes are playing their début live show alongside Penguin Prison and Matt & Kim  on 23rd March at the Garage, London. Keep informed about Echoes happenings by ‘Likeing’ them on Facebook!

Echoes @ Facebook

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New Dragonette track!

New Dragonette in the electronic rumors inbox is never a bad thing!

Their new single, ‘Our Summer’, is released later this month followed by ‘Mixin’ To Thrill’, an album of reMixes from the past year.. ‘Our Summer’ is a stompin’ good Electro party tune that will surely whip the crowd into a frenzy on their forthcoming US tour. Defiantly more straight Electro than the band have released before, I’d go so far as to say it’s pretty Electro-Punk!

Check it out:

Dragonette – Our Summer

‘Our Summer’ drops 27th July and ‘Mixin’ To Thrill’ is released August 3rd both digitally and in a limited edition physical package available exclusively through dragonette.com.

Dragonette @ Beatport

Dragonette @ Juno

Dragonette @ 7Digital

Dragonette @ Amazon

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Dragonette feature with Kaskade


Indie-Electro outfit Dragonette are featured on the second single from Chicago DJ Kaskade’s second single from his forthcoming ‘Dynasty’ album.

Dragonette stamp their own Indie-Electro style all over this track by the club producer resulting in an Indie-House-Pop mash up which has more than enough of Dragonette’s guitars and vocal style to elevate it above your standard vocal House collaboration.

Kaskade (Feat. Dragonette) – Fire In Your New Shoes (zShare) (MediaFire)

‘Dynasty’ is out 27th April digitally and 11 May on physical release.

Kaskasde @ Beatport

Kaskasde @ Juno

Kaskasde @ 7Digital

Kaskasde @ Amazon