[Audio] IV



IV (we’re not sure if that’s ‘4’, or ‘Intravenous’) is anew Parisian Horror Disco (their words) duo featuring one half of Kitsuné releasers Logo. They’ve just released their début EP, titled The Place Where We Were Hidden on Mental Groove Records. In the tradition of some great atmospheric movie synth in France right now (think: Pyramid) IV bring beats, synths and a cinematic tension.

The EP is three tracks, two originals and a reMix (which, really, makes it a double A-side single), the originals being Alaska and Doppelganger. These guys create a brooding atmosphere of dread whilst keeping things pretty upbeat. Taking cues from the likes of John Carpenter and grooves from Moroder, IV build undulating waves of vintage synths to fill you with fear whilst making you dance. Alaska combines the best in dark Italo beats and late 70s/early 80s synthesizer soundtrack music, with a compelling rhythm section and haunting melodies it really sets the tone for IV’s work. Doppelganger delivers a more pounding beat and leans slightly more in the direction of what you might expect from French Electro, with one foot in the Ed Banger camp, whist keeping all of it;s eerie Horror soundtrack credentials. Check out something dark and different, that still makes you dance.

♫ IV – Alaska

♫ IV – Doppelganger

IV’s The Place Where We Were Hidden is out now and includes a reMix of Alaska from Japanese outfit Crystal.

Check out more from IV on SoundCloud.


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