[Audio] Justice reMixes Boys Noize


Boys Noize

Even if Boys Noize did turn in a half-hearted, pretty mediocre album last year, he still knows how to pick a reMixer. Following hot on the heels of Chromeo’s stunning reMix of What You Want come this version of the single Ich R U by the second members of the disappointing album last year committee, Justice with a track that redeems them both.

The Justice reMix of Ich R U is a grinding Electro workout that harkens back to Justice’s glory days. majestic and slowly gruelling, Justice’s mix delivers all the stuff we loves about them in the first place. Brooding, dramatic Electro-House that builds to a storming crescendo. Deep pulsating synths, hypnotic little licks, and that piercing, baroque, quality that Justice got so right on †. It’s just a pity this’ll likely be a one-off sound.

♫ Boys Noize – Ich R U (Justice reMix)

Ich R U is released, as Boysnoize Records 100th release, with reMixes from justice and The Chemical Brothers, on 18th March.

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Justice’s ‘New Lands’ video

Justice’s current single, New Lands,  has got itself vidofied, if anything, the budget just shows how big these guys are now.

Canada (not the whole country) directs the clip, or should I say movie? It’s a spectacle I won’t describe, I’ll just let you watch, suffice to sat if this was turning into a feature length film I would definitely be watching it.

Justice’s New Lands is out now.

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DJ Falcon reMixes Justice


Well this is probably the best thing to come out of new-era Justice so far.  Legendary French Touch master and one half od Together, DJ Falcon, has taken on Justice’s new single New Lands from their recent album, Audio, Video, Disco.

In fact, the whole EP is the best thing Justice have released in awhile, reMixes come from A-Trak and SebastiAn too, both top quality, but Falcon’s takes the prize. Slick rolling Disco grooves and warm, lush synths that carry along with the tune. There’s almost a Dreamwave quality to the track, a sunshine optimism, that is until the four minute mark where things get a little more French Electro.

♫ Justice – New Lands (Falcon reMix)

Justice’s New Lands is out now.

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Monsieur Adi reMixes Justice


Thankfully, despite Justice’s new album, ‘Audio, Video, Disco’, being disappointing and more than a little bland there is still a wealth of material that is just ripe for reMixing, and we can think of no-one better than Monsieur Adi for the job.

Adi injects the tune with his trademark bombast , slowly building and layering in what could almost be described as deep Electro Gospel which beats the original’s Prog Rock hands down. Strangely, Adi’s French Touch and Strings approach seems to capture the feel of the track better than the original ever did.

♫ Justice – Ohio (Monsieur Adi reMix)

‘Ohio’ is taken from Justice’s album, ‘Audio, Video, Disco’, out now.

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Le Crayon reMixes Justice’s ‘D.A.N.C.E.’


Finding yourself loving half the new Justice album but a little disappointed by the “let’s strip apart ‘60’s Prog Rock and make even more mediocre ‘60’s Prog Rock out of it” other half? Well Le Crayon has your antidote.

Ahh, remember the days of ‘D.A.N.C.E.’? Le Crayon does and has dropped an awesome reworking that brings it up to date a little  and gives it a nice heavy Disco-House feel. With more of a 2011 groove, in all it’s ironically retro glory, it’s time for ‘D.A.N.C.E.’ to takeover the D.A.N.C.E.floors again.

Justice – D.A.N.C.E (Le Crayon reMix)

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Justice reMix The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

Is it Justice? Isn’t it justice? Who know’s? Well…everybody, it is Justice reMixing the new The Asteroids Galaxy Tour track.

I swear when Justice’s new album is released there will be people, with a physical copy in their hands, saying, “there’s no way this is Justice!”. Whist not a huge Justice banger, you can hear Gaspard & Xavier’s DNA running through this mix, especially on the bass. This is a funky little groover and I expect to find more than a couple of tracks like this on Justice’s new album.

♫ The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – Golden Age (Justice reMix)

‘Golden Age’ is released Sunday.

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–EDIT– Apparently it’s actually not Justice, we were wrong, whatever, I’m kinda’ over it now.

Justice. Helix.


This one goes out to everyone who’s been living under a rock this past week.

More new Justice ,in the form of album track ‘Helix’, has reared it’s Electro head. ‘Helix’ is huge stadium Electro as we’ve come to expect from the duo, with that impressive musicality that runs through all their work. There’s a lot of griping about the new Justice tracks around, but I just don’t see it, to me this sounds quintessentially Justice. Maybe they are just making the album I want them to make (melodic and funky with an edge of aggression) and not the album the rest of the world want them to make (fucking 320kbps bang0rz). I dunno, I really like it.

♫ Justice – Helix

As expected reMixes are already being chopped up, here’s Mr. Moustache‘s Disco edit with a few familiar samples thrown in, medley style..

Justice – Helix (Mr. Moustache reMix)

Justice’s new album, ‘Audio, Video, Disco’ is out October 25th on Ed Banger.

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Justice’s ‘Audio, Video, Disco’ video (+download)

Here it is! The video for Justice’s new single ‘Audio, Video, Disco’.

Directed by Ed Banger visuals man So Me the clip is a seamlessly edited wander around a studio wonderland.

And now you can grab the Video Edit of the track for free!

Justice – Audio, Video, Disco (Video Edit)

Justice’s new album, ‘Audio, Video, Disco’ is out soon on Ed Banger.

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Who wants to hear the new Justice single?


Well, frankly, if you know anything about music comment on the internet you already have. But here’s out two penny’s worth anyway. if we could tie you down and make you listen we would.

We’re really digging it, I expect a lot of fans of Justice’s pedal-to-the-metal ‘bangers’ will be a little disappointed, but we’ve always preferred Justice when they indulge their Disco side and the obvious musical talent a little. To us, both this and ‘Civilization’ are justice at their epic, Disco opera, best.

♫ Justice – Audio, Video, Disco

Justice’s new album, ‘Audio, Video, Disco’ is out soon on Ed Banger.

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Moustache Machine reMixes Justice


Hey! I’m writing a post about Justice and Uffie! It’s like it’s 2007 all over again!

The reason for this blast from the (recent) past is one of our favourite up-and-coming producers, Moustache Machine, has reMixed Justice’s Uffie featuring track ‘Tthhee Ppaarrttyy’, giving it a modern retro gloss. All digital bass and stratospheric lead lines Moustach Machine has made the track fresh again.

Justice (Feat. Uffie) – Tthhee Ppaarrttyy (Moustache Machine reMix)


Justice’s new album, ‘Audio, Video, Disco’ is out soon on Ed Banger.

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