[MP3] Viceroy & French Horn Rebellion


Viceroy & French Horn Rebellion

Will you look at this! Two of our favourite producers these days, New York Disco duo French Horn Rebellion, who have been knocking it out of the park recently and San Francisco’s Viceroy, whose Dreams Of Bombay is still on rotation round these parts, teaming up to deliver a massive party jam, for free (initially). It’s an ode to their “favourite day of the week”, Friday Nights (which is technically their favourite night of the week, but we’ll just let them have that one).

Friday Nights lives up to it’s promise. A bouncy slice of huge synth Disco that plays to both Viceroy and FHR’s talents. With a punchy bassline and stabby retro synths this one is both chilled and energetic, perfect for the start of the weekend. French Horn Rebellion’s vocals are, as usual, smooth and anthemic making Friday Nights a party starter whatever day of the week you stick it on.

Viceroy & French Horn Rebellion – Friday Nights

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