[MP3] Deluce’s ‘ Signs’



No sooner does Parisian Elector-House producer Deluce jump back onto our radar, after four years, with a storming reMix of Pyramid’s The Frontier, and he’s back with a new track, Signs. Signs give us a better feel for what he;s been up to recently and where he’s going (Spoiler Alert: It’s to some pretty dark places).

Signs is a growling slab of Industrial-tinged Electro. Brutal in it’s execution and leaving very little respite from abrasive synth sounds throughout it’s length. Meticulously crafted, this tune feels like a labour or love, from it’s dirty, Acid Techno bass to it’s eerie melodies, and it’s distorted samples, everything feels honed to it’s sharpest edge. It’s a proper musical narrative too, weaving a story over it’s five minutes, even become a little optimistic toward the end and it’s digital sax finale. It;s a harsh track, but it’s supposed to be. It is, however, very very good.

Deluce – Signs

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[MP3] Deluce reMixes Pyramid


Has it really been four years since we heard from Parisian deep Electro dude Deluce? That was when he released his awesome Stage 1 EP and we last wrote about him (I use the word ‘wrote’ loosely, it was a while ago). A scan if his SoundCloud page indicates he’s been steadily , if sporadically, releasing tunes. But it was only yesterday that he re-appeared in our inbox with this slick take on fellow French Sci-Fi synth lover Pyramid’s tune of last summer, Frontier.

Dulce’s reMix walks the fine line between SynthWave and Cosmic Disco. Weaving funky little licks  and a clap fuelled beat though his soundtrack synths. Staying true to the beauty and atmosphere of the original, Deluce up-s the Disco ante a little and reinvents the track’s drama filled melodies for a nostalgic dancefloor.

Pyramid – The Frontier (Deluce reMix)

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Epic Electro-House from Deluce


Deluce is the next new, young, Electro-House producer from France in the line.

He creates spacy, 80’s influenced, Electro journeys that owe as much to Jean-Michel Jarre and Vangelis as to Danger or Kavinsky.

Wrap you ears ’round these two tracks he has dropped…

Deluce – The Movement (zSahre) (MediaFire)

Deluce – Lead The Galaxy (zShare) (MediaFire)

…and go give him some MySpace lovin’:

Deluce @ MySpace