[MP3] digitalfoxglove’s ‘Daytona’



It’s been a long time since we heard an original tune from Germany’s finest digitalfoxglove. Mostly, the man has had his attention focused on his work as part of Dreamwave superheroes Ride The Universe, but he still gets the occasional moment to get his solo groove on. He’s gearing up to release a new EP under the digitalfoxglove moniker and last night he dropped our first taste of what’s to come, Daytona.

Daytona is surprisingly SynthWave for producer with some of the slickest Nu-Disco skills on the planet. With not a Disco lick in sight, digitalfoxglove stands shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Mitch Murder and Miami Nights 1984 as he delivers a blistering Outrun tune, a frantic synthesizer speedway loaded with rolling arpeggios and soaring leads. digitalfoxglove takes his pin-sharp production and applies it to the euphoric, emotional rush of a cracking SynthWave tune to soundtrack all your clichéd night drives.

digitalfoxglove – Daytona

digitalfoxglove’s new EP is out soon.

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[News] Kavinsky’s London launch party

With SynthWave master Kavinsky’s album just around the corner, due for a February release, the man himself is set to visit London for what promises to be a full-on night of blistering Electro in celebration of the record’s release.

The Dead Cruiser descends on a secret London warehouse location 2nd March for one of the hot tickets of the year so far.


Find the latest details here.

Kavinsky’s début album, Outrun, is released 25th February.

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[Audio] Miami Nights 1984 reMixes Sally Shapiro


Sally Shapiro’s, Electric Youth featuring, Starman is officially released today. Ever since we wrote about the track earlier this month we’ve been pretty excited about the release coming out, not least because it is backed with this track. A reMix from electronic rumors favourite and one of the leading lights of the SynthWave scene, Miami Nights 1984.

Sally Shapiro’s swirling, 60s inspired, cute ElectroPop and MN84’s driving Outrun and retro leads, how will that sound? As it turns out, amazing. Kicking things off with an Italo bassline and heavy, heavy, drums, MN84 creates a moody synthetic groove as we enter the song, but it’s the choruses where MN84 really let’s himself go. Taking advantage of the big vocals MN84 revels in the drama and throws all manner of big synth lines at the listener, and suddenly, Sally Shapiro is performing on Top Of The Pops circa the mid-80s. the other highlight of the tune, is MN84 introducing the SynthWave build, combine a big build with SynthWave soloing and something truly magical happens. just Listen.

♫ Sally Shapiro (Feat. Electric Youth) – Starman (Miami Nights 1984 reMix)

Starman is released today. Sally Shapiro’s Somewhere Else album is released next month on Paper Bag Recordings.

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