[Audio] Thunderclaw


Completely out of the blue we are hit by yet another totally new talent. it;s always the most exciting time as a music writer, to be compelled to put down words about, not the latest release by whatever name brings in traffic these days, or by whatever PR person you’re trying to keep on the good side of, but by someone genuinely fresh. Enter Thunderclaw. He’s got four followers on SoundCloud right now, we’re hoping this little article can go some way to rectifying that.

Thunderclaw is Filip Järnmark, resident of Sockholm, which is home of some of the best electronic music on the planet so he’s in good company, and delving into his SoundCloud reveals a selection of tracks that straddle the gap between SynthWave and Electro-House, with a touch of Disco boogie. Magiccc is our favourite of his tunes. A driving Electronic track with a hypnotic synth hook that drags you along though four minutes of Disco infused SynthWave. Full of bright synth stabs and buzzing bass, this track was an immediate attention grabber. Voyage is another of his good ones, this time he brings a little hardcore Italo into the fold, mutating it into a grinding Electro monster. Relentless and pounding until it breaks into a soaring Sci-Fi lead riff, this track is night driving gold. this is one new producer we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on.

♫ Thunderclaw – Magiccc

♫ Thunderclaw – Voyage

Check out more from Thunderclaw on SoundCloud.

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