digitalfoxglove’s ‘Unsteady’


Germany’s digitalfoxglove, easily one of the finest, and most underrated Nu-Disco producers on the planet, spends most of his time these days mucking around with a bunch of Californians as one quater of Dreamwave Supergroup Ride The Universe. Luckily the man can still find time in his busy schedule to sneak in some new digitalfoxglove tunes, or at least dust off one ones and give them a new lick of paint.

As is the case with ‘Unsteady’, a warbling slice of synthetic Disco. The track is actually quite SynthWavey for DFG, the progression and sounds are pretty retro but it’s all held in place with some frantic arpeggios and Disco siren synths. ‘Unsteady’ is a nice mixture of epic cinematic and in-your-face dancefloor action and makes a nice primer to a summer of releases with DFG input including two forthcoming Ride The Universe reMixes, for Quinten 909 and rodent-chomping-monster Jane Balder, and a reMix of She’s The Queen’s ‘Talk To Me’, to be released by, well, me. So, yeah, we’re keeping him busy!

digitalfoxglove – Unsteady

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