[Audio] PWNDTIAC’s ‘Ready’ (+ Douze reMix)



At the end of the month, German Disco demon PWNDTIAC has releases his brand new single. It’s called Hey Girl and it’s a fairly standard Nu-Disco floorfiller with loads of lovely nods to Boogie and Electro Funk. It;s well worth a listen, but it’s the B-side, Ready, that really caught out attention. Featuring the talents of fellow German digitalfoxglove; Ready is a soaring space oddessy.

Filled to bursting point with thick robotic bass and cosmic keys; Ready is a vocoder laden monster that takes both 80s Boogie and French Disco as references and wraps them up in a post-Italo machine Funk. Vocally, the track mixes up some surprisingly soulful vocoder work with little Soul II Soul samples with really nice effect, like a duet between Caron Wheeler and a sad robot. For us, though, it’s that bassline that really draws us in, thick and punchy it seems to evolve through the track. French producer Douze offers his version of the track on the release; upping the B-Boy beats quota. Douze delvers one of his trademark synthetic journeys, mixing up Funk and cinematic SynthWave, he slowly builds the track until an unexpectedly energetic high. The whole release is definitely worth your attention when it;s released later this month.

♫ PWNDTIAC (Feat. digitalfoxglove) – Ready

♫ PWNDTIAC (Feat. digitalfoxglove) – Ready (Douze reMix)

PWNDTIAC’s Hey Girl is released 30th June.

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[Audio] Cyclist & Douze reMix Joshua Collins’ ‘To The End’


Joshua Collins

Get set for another awesome release from French label on On The Fruit Records. Next up is ex-Human Life member Joshua Collins’ new record To The End, a buzzing, euphoric slice of synthesizer Disco that’s guaranteed to brighten up your day with it;s playful melodies. the single comes backed with a couple of storming reMixes from two of our faves, French producer Douze and Torontonian funketeer Cyclist.

Douze kicks thing off slow and steady with rattling purcussion and rich, enigmatic synths, gradually building pace until, around the 1m20s mark he launces into a thick Elector Disco groove, loaded with futuristic Funk and warbling keys. Sci-Fi Disco at it’s finest, Douze’s reMix delivers 22nd century vibes. Cyclist goes in the opposite direction with a blissful retro Disco jam full of sunkissed sounds. Smooth synths intertwine with a head nodding bassline and a jazzy line in guitars that ease their way toward a cosmic solo at the tracks finale. Another spot-on release from On The Fruit.

♫ Joshua Collins – To The End (Douze reMix)

♫ Joshua Collins – To The End (Cyclist reMix)

Joshua Collins’ To The End is out now.

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[MP3] Douze reMixes V V Brown


VV Brown

Here’s a new slice of synthesizer richness from Parisian producer Douze. When Douze last graced these pages he was releasing his Eternity’s Call Back EP on Discotexas and since has drops tracks on Work It Baby, Animal Language and Compuphonic (alongside frequent collaborator Kris Menace). Today, though, we are presenting the première of Douze’s lush reworking of the forthcoming new single from London based Indie-Pop singer-songwriter and hype magnet V V Brown, Samson.

V V Browns original in a majestic and undulating five minutes of tribal tension, and while Douze retains much of the track’s drama he, thankfully, breaks the dread and injects the track with a healthy dose of French Disco. With a vintage sheen, Douze mashes together squelchy basslines and starlight melodies, that after a moody intro, completely reform the track. V V’s biblical lament is transformed into a slinky croon by the power of a funky bassline and the whole song take on a newfound swagger. This is Douze at the top of the Disco game once more.

V V Brown – Samson (Douze reMix)

VV Brown’s Samson is released 14th July on YOY Records.

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Anniversary compilation from La Bombe

la bombe

Awww, isn’t it sweet. London’s La Bombe Recordings is turning the ripe old age of two. But rather than crying a lot and soiling themselves like most respectable two year olds, La Bombe is going to be releasing a compilation album to proudly show off what they’ve achieved since their inception and to give you a glimpse into the future.

The ten track record will feature five classics from the La Bombe back catalogue and five brand new tunes. We’ve feature quite a lot of La Bombe output in the past twenty four months here on electronic rumors, mostly from the funkier or more eclectic end of their roster, such as Blende and Douze who always give us something powerful and groovy. But when you want a flat out Electro banger La Bombe is definitely the place to go. Check out some of what to expect from this collection, including ‘Girls’ the new killer from Les Tronchiennes,  pleasingly titled ‘A Fistful of Boom’.

♫ Blende – One Sided (Louis La Roché Innovation)

♫ Douze – Go’

♫ Blende – Egypto

♫ Douze – Get Over You

♫ Les Tronchiennes – Girls

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Chrome Canyon’s new EP

chrome canyon

France’s On The Fruit Records are killin’ it right now. They are pumping out quality release after release and the next up is no exception. Released today is the new EP from Brooklyn based futurist Chrome Canyon.

The ‘Body Music’ EP is space-age retro synth Funk paradise. The EP is summed up in the lead track ‘Computers Of Love’. What’s not to like in this track? It’s got everything you’d want from cosmic analog Disco. Funky slap bass, huge Sci-Fi synths, vocoded vocals and as the various melodies spin out into the galaxy you get the feeling that there is a not only pretty impressive musicality behind the tracks, but also a quirky sense of humour.  When the rockin’ Funk solo kicks in you know you’re in the right place. the track is reMixed by Melee Beats, and a man of consistent quality, Douze. Douze brings this nostalgia jam into the 21st century and adds a little French Touch to the mix, in a big way. The EP’s other original ‘Body Music’ is more of a brooding, ‘80’s soundtracky, peice. Like a meeting of Vangelis and Kraftwerk it’s the musical narrative of a robotic call to arms and could have featured on the best of early ‘80’s Sci-Fi flicks. Heroismo and Stavarsky both take a crack at reMixing ‘Body Music’, with the latter delivering a dark post-Italo dark future mix. If the original is the Sci-Fi movies theme, then Starvasky provides the backing for when adversity strikes. Great moody SynthWave. If you like vintage synth music and old school Italo and Disco beats, then this release’ll be something special for you.

♫ Chrome Canyon – Computers Of Love (Original Mix)

♫ Chrome Canyon – Computers Of Love (Douze reMix)

♫ Chrome Canyon – Body Music (Original Mix)

♫ Chrome Canyon – Body Music (Stavarsky reMix)

Chrome Canyon’s ‘Body Music’ EP is out now.

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Douze’s new EP


Friday saw the release of French Discomeister Douze’s ‘Eternity’s Call Back’ EP from Discotexas.

the EP’s two original tracks ‘Eternity’s Call Back’ and ‘Forsaken’ are sweeping, cosmic slices of electronic Disco Funk, with ‘Forsaken’ even verging into space-age ElectroPop territory. To mark the release, check out these two reMixes of ’Forsaken’ from Freak You, who turns the track into a digital slap bass monster with a surprising, but wicked, electric piano lead line, and Publicist, whose deep analog synth Disco take is a smooth robotic dancefloor invasion.

Douze – Forsaken (Freak You reMix And Piña Colada)

Douze – Forsaken (Publicist reMix)

Douze’s ‘Eternity’s Call Back’ EP  is out now.

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Douze reMixes Blende

Released later this month is the now one from Stockholm duo Blende on La Bombe.

The ‘Words’ single features, amongst others, this reMix from the French king of the groove Douze. Strap yourself in for some serious Cosmic boogie here. This is a euphoric sweeping synth epic that will move your feet and expand your mind. Or something.

Blende – Words (Douze reMix)

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Douze’s new mixtape

Douze – Emotape Vol. 2 = A crammed full forty five minutes ranging from Disco to Electro-House, perfect fro summer afternoons.

♫ Douze – Emotape Vol. 2

The tracklist:

01. Cosmo Vitelli – Night Dogs
02. Baby Oliver – Feelings 2
03. Jackass & Mule – 123 ,iami
04. Paperclip People – Throw
05. My Mine – Hypnotic Tango (Serge Santiago Edit)
06. Ripperton – At Peace (I Cube Tape Mix)
07. High Powered Boys – Udon (Julio Bashmore Sax-Dub)
08. Boo Williams – Mortal Trance
09. Kingpin Cartel – Ghetto
10. Secret Cinema – Glad Chord/L-Vis 1990 – Forever You
11. Akabu – Life Is So Strange
12. Digitalism – Blitz (TTW Edit)
13. Le Knight Club – Gator
14. Dave Armstrong & Steve Angello – Groove In You
15. … – …
16. Gypsy And The Cat – Jona Vark (Alan Braxe reMix)
17. Those Usual Suspects (Feat. Yota) – My Star (Lifelike Dub reMix)
18. cocknbullkid – One Eye Closed (Kris Menace reMix)
19. Retro/Grade – Escape Sequence
20. Munk – Mis Labios (Black Van reMix)
21. Black Van – Express
22. Blende – One-Sided
23. A1
24. Douze – Eternity’s Call Back
25. Soul Clap – Between The Edit
26. Douze – Flashbacks
27. Daniel Balavoine – La Muraille

Buy Douze’s music from:


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Douze – We Got The Love

‘We Got The Love’ is the latest track from Frenchman Arnault Douze Esteve A.K.A. Douze.

A protégé of Kris Menace and collaborator of the one-and-only Alan Braxe, Douze creates an amazing amalgamation of French-Touch, Disco, ElectroPop and talk box Funk. This is the smoothest slice of Disco that has landed on the electronic rumors desk in a while and just when you’re getting into the groove with the body moving bassline and lush pads the track hits you with a devastating solo! Awesome stuff.

Douze – We Got The Love

Douze’s EP, ‘Doxology’, is out 6th December on Work It Baby.

Douze @ Beatport

Douze @ Juno

Douze @ 7Digital

Douze @ Amazon

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