[Audio] Ride The Universe reMix Young Empires’ ‘The Gates’


Young Empires

It’s been a few years since we’ve posted anything from Indie-Electro outfit Young Empires. Did they stop releasing stuff for a while? We dunno’. Anyhoo, here they are again back on these pages courtesy of Disco mercenaries Ride The Universe. I refer to RtU as mercenaries ‘cos, like The A-Team, they appear to have gone underground. This is the first hint of new music we’ve had from them in aaaaaaaages. They guys used to be so prolific! Anyhoo, we’re glad of at least something. So sit back, headphones on, and cross you fingers that this means more new tunes from Ride The Universe.

The reMix is actually a bit of a departure for Ride The Universe, especially in terms of tempo. This track is a downtempo, funk laden, almost Future R&B tune as RtU weave their way through Young Empires original brandishing wobbly Moog bass and delicate House hooks. This one is so smooth that we would be surprised if you could even stand up after it’s finished, frankly our legs just melted. the warmest of warm summertime grooves from the transnational soldiers of Disco. More please.

♫ Young Empires – The Gates (Ride The Universe reMix)

Young Empires’ The Gates is out now

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[Audio] French Horn Rebellion reMixed by Blende



UK based Nu-Disco producer Blende has applied his skills to French Horn Rebellion’s current single, Dancing Out, a track that’s still getting some play around here in it’s own right, but Blende takes the retro synth vibe and turns it up to 11 in this storming new version of the tune.

Blende works a truck load of epic SynthWave into his Nu-Disco framework right here, resulting in a truly soaring mix. Taking Jody Watley & Young Empires vocal track and keeping it largely intact, Blende gives them a whole new level of cinematic synths and twisting Funk hooks. This is one massive mix, be prepared for you head to be full of winding synth riffs and retro stabs..

♫ French Horn Rebellion (Feat. Jody Watley & Young Empires) – Dancing Out (Blende reMix)

French Horn Rebellion’s Dancing Out is out now.

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[Video] French Horn Rebellion’s ‘Dancing Out’


Dancing Out   YouTube

Here’s the video for NYC duo French Horn Rebellion excellent, Jody Watley & Young Empires featuring, new single Dancing Out.

The clip was Directed by Norton, and is a suitably tongue-in-cheek vintage affair.

French Horn Rebellion’s Dancing Out is out now.

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[Audio] French Horn Rebellion’s new single


French Horn Rebellion

New York DiscoPop duo French Horn Rebellion really are going from strength to strength this year. After a pretty long period of quiet, so far they have hit us with Poster Girl, Girls and Friday Nights, all badass tracks, all in the space of a few months. Well, they’re not letting up yet with this, the release of their new single Dancing Out, featuring Jody Watley & Young Empires.

Dancing Out picks up where their previous singles left off. One again it’s all about good-time and no-worries. Injecting a little more of a retro SynthWave flavour into their funky Pop tunes, French Hoorn Rebellion bring the nostalgia along with their carefree dancefloor sound. Watley and Young Empires’ call-and-response vocals are cute, the beats are strong and the synths bounce along in a pleasingly 80s way. Another top tune from French Horn Rebellion.

♫ French Horn Rebellion (Feat. Jody Watley & Young Empires) – Dancing Out

French Horn Rebellion’s Dancing Out is released 11th June.

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Short Circuit reMixes Young Empires

Young Empires

From the glut of reMixes of Young Empires’ ‘Enter Through The Sun’ we’ve been inundated with recently, Short Circuit’s was actually the first I heard about, and the one I was most looking forward to hearing.

It doesn’t disappoint either. With a melodic refrain that is pure B-Boy Electro injected into Short Circuit’s RoboPop the mix delivers a rich, thick synth backing and a Disco beat for the piercing, icy lead lines to bodypop all over. It totally changes the feel of the track, for the better.

Young Empires – Enter Through The Sun (Short Circuit reMix)

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Young Empires reMixed by ¡borracho!

Young Empires ‘Exit Through The Sun’ is the tune to reMix of the moment, so your version has to be something special to stand out from the crowd. ¡borracho! new mix does just that.

Rocking an amazingly infectious digital slap bassline at it’s core, this reMix is a melting pot of melodies and riffs that might not have worked together, but in ¡borracho! skilful hands the whole track flows together effortlessly. It’s quite an abrasive track, which is odd considering the tunefulness of it’s composite parts, but this just adds to the driving energy of the tune. This is a track for late night darkened dancefloors.

Young Empires – Enter Through The Sun (¡borracho! reMixx)

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Young Empires reMixed by digitalfoxglove

Young Empires

Now this is what we’re talking about! Germanys unsung Dreamwave workhorse digitalfoxglove gives Young Empires’ ‘enter Through The Sun’ some of his sweet sweet Disco lovin’.

The results are like a beach party in your ears, and everyone’s invited! Cutting through the song with a bouncy bassline and some seriously soaring lead lines. Whether as digitalfoxglove, Nightdive or as a quater of Ride the Universe, DFG’s productions ate like a stamp of quality, he’s just got a certain clean, crisp and funky sound that is instantly recognisable and generally head and shoulders above his peers. It’s time the spotlight was tuned on digitalfoxglove for good.

Young Empires – Enter Through The Sun (digitalfoxglove reMix)

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Freak You reMixes Young Empires


Stand by, there’ll be a lot of  reMixes of Young Empires’ new single ‘Enter Through The Sun’ incoming, I know of at least two more that will see the light in the coming weeks.

I’m not especially keen on the original, but all the reMixes I’ve heard so far are top quality. First up we have Freak You, who gives the Indie track as raw ElectroPop feel. There’s a slight chaos going on in Freak You’s reMix that gives the track an underlying nervous energy that drives it along. With some nice builds and an emotionally involving sound this version is a good start to the reMix flood.

Young Empires – Enter Through The Sun (Freak You reMix)

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Young Empires


Young Empires are a post-punk Electro band who hail from Toronto who made quite a stir on the discerning Indie blogs with their first track ‘Rain Of Gold’

We’re loving their second track ‘Glory Of The Night’, It’s a strange meeting of 80’s Electro Hip-Hop 808 beats and moody Indie-Electro with a hint of guitar. Dark, heavy, synths drive the track making the chant-like vocals seem like they are dragged along in the tide. Maybe it’s the 808’s, but despite the brooding sound to the song there is something hopeful about it.

Robert Ellingson, Jake Palahnuk, and Matthew Vlahovich have to potential to be something of a Canadian HURTS!

Young Empires – Glory Of The Night (Demo.) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Check out more of Young Empires music over on their MySpace.

Young Empires @ MySpace