[MP3] digitalfoxglove’s ‘Love You More’



German’s digitalfoxglove is keeping the pressure up these last few weeks, preparing you all for the release of his new EP he’s dropped a brand new track and an awesome reMix of The Knocks & St. Lucia’s Modern Hearts all in the last twelve days. But wait, there’s one more. This is Love You More.

Easing you into it’s groove gently, Love You More kicks off with a laid back clapping rhythm as the filter slowly sweeps int he hook, so by the time the grove launches itself you are already right in there. Taking in Nu-Disco and French Filtered House in equal measures, digitalfoxglove creates a swirling cloud of vintage vocal samples, phased synths, and a vibe you can’t help but nod your head to. If you have a pool, this is what you want playing on the side of it, if you don’t, then this one is for hot summer nights.

♫ digitalfoxglove – Love You More

digitalfoxglove’s new EP is out soon.

Buy digitalfoxglove’s music from:

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