New tracks from Figure Of 8

Figure Of 8

Riding high on the success of his current single ‘No One Cries For MeFigure Of 8 has dropped a couple of new tracks to keep the momentum going.

First up is ‘Bittersweet’ featuring the soulful vocals of fellow Irishman Jonny Nutt. If you add this to ‘No One Cries For Me’ you can defiantly see a Figure Of 8 ‘sound’ evolving. There something about his tunes that don’t try to impress, and also doesn’t pigeonhole itself into any electronic genre. It’s music that does it’s own thing, it’s got a bit of a laidback vibe to it. SynthPop that is so slickly produced to seems to just slip from the speakers into the room. ‘Bittersweet’, like ‘No One Cries’ is deeply emotional too, but in a particularly genuine way. Oh, did I mention the rockin’ guitar solo? ‘Blind Mice’ is more of a dark SynthWave track, but still retaining that Figure Of 8 warmness to it. A Vangelis-esque sweeping soundtrack peice that manages to merge retro synth music with that Irish SynthPop rich production.

♫ Figure of 8 (Feat. Jonny Nutt) – Bittersweet

Figure Of 8 – Blind Mice

‘No One Cries For Me’ is out now on On The Fruit Records.

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