Diamond Cut take Cullen to new heights

OK, this is something pretty special. Well, it’s a Diamond Cut reMix so it’s bound to be!

It’s a reMix of Cullen’s new single, ‘Crazy Enough’. We’ve featured Cullen before, he’s a kinda’ BedroomPop act from Down Under who has dropped some nice tunes in the past. Fellow Aussies Diamond Cut work their magic on his new single  and what emerges is a huge, sweeping, 80’s sounding, DiscoPop track. Subtle guitar licks echo hauntingly in the background while Cullen’s impassioned vocals and DC’s soaring synth lines power the track on and on.

Great stuff!

Cullen – Crazy Enough (Diamond Cut reMix)

Cullen’s ‘Crazy Enough’ single is out soon.

Cullen @ Facebook

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Calling In Sick reMix Cullen


It’s been a while since we heard a new reMix from Sydney’s Calling in Sick, which is a shame as I used to be all over their mixes. Seriously couldn’t get enough of that shit!

So it’s awesome to see them back with this reMix of Australia’s answer to The Postal Service, Cullen’s début single, ‘Easily Impressed’ and it’s just the Calling In Sick sound that I had been missing.

You’ve got the buzzsaw synths hammering crazy solos and arpeggios and the big 80’s chords. Calling In Sick are like the 80’s hair Metal of electronic music, and that is no bad thing!

Cullen – Easily Impressed (Calling In Sick reMix) (Sharebee) (MediaFire)

The ’Easily Impressed’ single is out soon.

Cullen @ MySpace