Visitor reMixed by Viceroy


Generally we don’t like to be all smug music writers and go on about how we get records before you grubby lot do, but in this case we kinda’ have to quickly mention that we have Visitor’s forthcoming double A-side single package, Coming Home/RNB, and it’s amazing. An easy contender for one of the releases of the year and loaded with reMixes so good it’s hard to pick a favourite. This Viceroy reMix is just one of the all killer tracks on the single.

San Francisco’s Viceroy is in good company amongst Lifelike, FM Attack, Bestrack and SymbolOne. Their reMix may be the funkiest, and most energetic. Coming Home is a true anthem anyway, and Viceroy takes that and runs with it.  This is a real peak time track, working Visitor’s epic vocals into a track that is pure dancefloor joy. Rapid fire arpeggios, pin-point sharp melodies and synth pads that ring out couple with a couple rich organ drops that just accentuate the power of the track when it kicks back in. This release really is all killer, no filler. I can’t wait for you lot to hear it.

Visitor – Coming Home (Viceroy reMix)

Visitor’s Coming Home/RNB is released 10th September.

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Visitor reMixed by Lifelike


So as we enter the final approach to the release of Visitor’s long, long, long awaited new double A-side single, Coming Home/RNB, it time for the trickle of reMixes to begin. And there’s a lot to look forward to, with work from Viceroy, FM Attack, Bestrack and SymbolOne incoming. But first up is this reMix of Coming Home from French Touch pioneer Lifelike.

this was actually out first taste of the track, it was featured back in the June 2011 edition of Fear Of Tigers’ The Guestlist. Coming Home is an epic ElectroPop anthem to begin with, so the addition of solid dancefloor knowledge from one of the scenes leading lights cannels that uplifting energy straight to the dancefloor. Built around of of Lifelike’s trademark big hooks and a rolling bassline the reMix does a neat job of transferring the tracks euphoria to a peak time dancefloor. Kinda’ excited to hear the rest!

♫ Visitor – Coming Home (Lifelike reMix)

Visitor’s Coming Home/RNBis released 10th September.

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Visitor’s ‘Coming Home’


It was only this time last week that we first got our ears ‘round one of the tracks from London based ElectroPop outfit Visitor’s long awaited new double A-side single Coming Home/RNB. Now, having had seven days to digest the awesome RNB, we are treated to the flip side, Coming Home.

Instantly recognisable to anyone who’s seen Visitor live as that big anthemic bit in their set, or any one who’s heard Lifelike’s reMix in his June 2011 mixtape or in the June 2011 edition of Fear Of Tigers’ The Guestlist. Coming Home kinda of sums up what we’re all waiting for in new Visitor material, and why anyone who knows Visitor is this excited about the new material. It’s big, heartfelt ElectroPop, with a nice splash of New Wave guitar and Diamond Cuts impeccable Dreamwave production. It that kind of rousing track that you can’t help but sing-a-long to. Inspirational and uplifting, there is a reason when you see Visitor live it’s this track that sticks in your mind. In a weird way it reminds us a bit of Shiny Toy Guns, before they were a Rock band, Visitor have captured that epic, majestic, uplifting wall of sound perfectly. reMixes on the single comes from Lifelike, Viceroy, FM Attack, Bestrack, SymbolOne, Vanguard, Easy D and more.

♫ Visitor – Coming Home

Visitor’s Coming Home/RNB is released soon.

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Visitor’s ‘RNB’


After literally months and months of waiting we finally have our first taste of the forthcoming album from London based ElectroPop duo Visitor. Visitor first crashed onto the scene in 2010 with the stunning Los Feeling single and since then we have been eagerly awaiting more, but apart from a handful of reMixes and some energetic live shows we have been left wanting. News of their album surfaces occasionally but with the recently announced new double A-side single Coming Home/RNB we have some concrete new tunes.

RNB is our first full listen to what the new material holds, and it was well worth the wait. A blissful slice of ElectroPop with an epic, cinematic quality. Produced by one of the best in the game, Diamond Cut, Visitor’s unofficial third member, RNB sweeps you along with Lucas and Kyle’s dreamlike washes of undulating synths and shimmering leads and a soaring, impassioned vocal. reMixes on the single comes from Lifelike, Viceroy, FM Attack, Bestrack, SymbolOne, Vanguard, Easy D and more. We’re so glad Visitor are back in the game! Pull your finger out Vulture Music, release that album!

♫ Visitor – RNB

Visitor’s Coming Home/RNB is released soon.

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Visitor reMix The Sound Of Arrows


It’s just our luck that yesterday, the one day we can’t post anything due to being on strike to protest against barbaric proposals to cripple the internet, the amazing Visitor drops a reMix of the equally amazing The Sound Of Arrows’ ‘Wonders’. It took a lot of willpower not to turn scab!

This reMix is worth waiting for though, it’s like a SynthPop dream. Visitor have perfectly captured the essence of The Sound Of Arrows, and given it their own little twist. Keeping the uplifting euphoria of the original the Visitor boys add a slick Disco guitar riff and laidback beach vibe chords while the whole track builds up to a dancefloor destroying finale. Seriously, can’t wait for Visitor’s album!

The Sound Of Arrows – Wonders (Visitor reMix)

‘Wonders’ is out now. Visitor are gearing up for the release of their début album.

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Human Error week: Visitor drop some science


This Friday (11th November) London’s 93 Feet East play’s host to one of the best ElectroPop line-ups of the year. Brought to us by Human Error, Friday’s event will see Fear Of Tigers, Visitor, The Sound Of Arrows and Queen Of Hearts share the stage in one amazing night of the best electronic music London has to offer. This week, to build your anticipation, electronic rumors will be talking to each of the four acts involved…

Visitor are the band that keeps us wanting, unlike many of their contemporaries this Australian born, London based duo have resisted the temptation to flood the internet with their latest productions. Choosing instead to release tracks and choice reMixes only when they are absolutely perfect. A year ago they released their first, and only to date, release, the ‘Los Felling’ single on Alan Braxe’s Vulture Music label. So good was it, and such an impact it made, that twelve months later we are still gagging for their forthcoming début album. On the basis of one release, a year ago. That’s quality music!

Their combination of classic SynthPop songwriting, contemporary dance production and and Indie sensibility has made their music, to date, exciting with a feel that is nostalgic, but at the same time fresh. We’re definitely looking forward to catching them live this Friday.

Anyhoo, enough of me waffling on, let’s see what Visitor have to say for themselves…

ER: So, what’s Visitor’s history, where did it come from and have you always been into making this sort of music?

V: We met in Australia in high school, and were involved in a series of bands until we formed Visitor as a way of embodying everything that we wanted to create.

ER: Who influenced you to make music of your own, and who influences you now?

V: There are a lot of influences, but the ones which would best help describe our sound would be:

Alan Braxe, Stuart Price, Röyksopp, M83, Lifelike.

♫ Visitor – Los Feeling

ER: How did Diamond Cut become involved?

V: He did a remix for a band we were both involved in, and it made us realise that that was what we really wanted to be doing.  He loved the idea, and we’ve been working together ever since.

ER: How does it work, working with someone the other side of the world and in a nearly opposite timezone?

V: We write the songs up until a point before we all collaborate on it. The final pass is done by DC where he adds his signature sound.    We all have a good understanding of what we’re trying to achieve, so somehow it all comes together.

♫ Visitor – Love (Club Edit)

ER: When’s the album coming out and what can we expect from it?

V: The album is written and we’re just dealing with the final stages of production and mixing now.  As soon as that’s done we’ll be ready for the world to hear it.  We’ve worked extremely hard to make it as amazing as it can possibly be.

ER: If you could support anyone live, living or dead, who would it be?

V: Queen.  Roxy Music. David Bowie.  Daft Punk.

♫ Monsieur Adi – Fire Fire Fire (Visitor reMix)

ER: So what’s in Visitor’s studio? Do you have a favourite bit of kit?

V: Mostly it’s just soft synths and samples on our laptop.  Apart from guitars and vocals.  DC has a lot of outboard stuff he uses. Due to the long distance nature of the project, it works a lot better being able to email each other whole projects without relying on hardware.

ER: If money was no object, what piece of studio gear would be your dream to own?

V: Akai MPC3000, E-mu SP-1200, Yamaha CS80.

♫ Amy Meredith – Young at Heart (Visitor reMix)

ER: How does Visitor’s live setup work?

V: It’s a very electronic set at the moment. It’s getting bigger every time we play.  Eventually it will be a full blown production, but for the moment people can expect an intimate and energetic set up.

ER: How Fridays show going to be? Who else are you most looking forward to seeing?

V: I can’t wait to see Ben.  Apparently he is hiring some sort of costume, which I think will top things off nicely.  If he doesn’t, I’ll be very disappointed.  We’re all joining together at the end of the night, so it’s definitely going to be something that hasn’t been seen before!

We’re especially excited about this show.

ER:. Does this see the start of Visitor playing live a lot more?

V: Absolutely.  We haven’t wanted to do anything but make a great album.  Now we feel like we’ve reached that point, we’re going to be playing a lot more.

ER: .Is Visitor a Cereal or a Full English Breakfast kinda’ act? Would your answer change the day after a show?

V: We don’t eat meat.  In fact, neither do Sound Of Arrows or Fear Of Tigers.  So…  It’d have to be cereal I guess.  Maybe a croissant?

Many thanks to Visitor for taking the time to chat to you lot.

Visitor will be playing as part of this Fridays phenomenal Human Error line up at 93 Feet East in London. Full details can be found here.

Human Error

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Monsieur Adi X Visitor


Well this is certainly an unexpected treat, it’s like X-mas! The awesome Visitor reMixing the awesome Monsieur Adi! One of the best ElectroPop acts in the world reMixing one of the best Nu-Disco producers in the world. What can go wrong?

Nothing is the answer. Absolutely nothing. Visitor gently nude the amazing original into their slick ElectroPop style, never heavy handed with it, this sounds like a real meeting of minds where visitor took the core of the track and ran with it, rather than ran over it. Visitor have been buried away in their studio for so long you forget how talented they are, I just wish they’d hurry up with their album.

Monsieur Adi – Fire Fire Fire (Visitor reMix)

The ‘Fire Fire Fire ‘ single is out now.

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It’s a Vulture Music special on this week’s Fear Of Tigers’ ‘The Guestlist’!

Siberian Tiger

Fear Of Tigers – The Guestlist 14/07/2011 = It’s a Vulture Music special this week on The Guestlist as Fear Of Tigers is joined by seemingly the whole Vulture crew Alan Braxe himself is in the house along with the amazing Visitor, Kids At Midnight and Pacific!. Expect mixes and previews and some big tunes from FoT too.

Fear Of Tigers – The Guestlist 22/07/2011

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Dirty Vegas reMixed by Visitor

Dirty Vegas rank as legends in my book, one of the saviours of vocal House and by-proxy ElectroPop. At a time when the Tiëstos of this world ruled they were laying down smooth, emotive tracks.

Vulture Music’s highly talented ElectroPop act Visitor will be just one of the stunning line up of reMixers on their forthcoming ‘Little White Doves’ single. Alongside the likes of Ladytron, Penguin Prison, Nightriders and Blonde Rocka, Visitor bring their own brand of, almost atmospheric, ElectroPop to the tune creating quite an emotional experience and some definite hands-in-the-air moments.

♫ Dirty Vegas – Little White Doves (Visitor reMix)

‘Little White Doves’ is taken from the ‘Electric Love’ album, the single is coming soon.

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Visitor on this week’s Fear Of Tigers’ ‘The Guestlist’ show

Fear Of Tigers – The Guestlist 03/06/2011 = Visitor’s new record, Cosmonaut Grechko’s big tune of the moment and Fear Of Tigers playing some massive, massive tunes for your weekend. What more can you ask for?

Fear Of Tigers – The Guestlist 03/06/2011

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