[Download] Diamond Cut reMixes Thief’s ‘Broken Boy’



The mastermind and music genius that is Diamond Cut is back this week with one of his amazing, but increasingly rare, reMixes. Lucky for us, he’s got to grips with Australian SynthPopper Thief’s Broken Boy, a tune we introduced you to back in October. Diamond Cut embraces the track’s introspective Kraftwerk-y-ness and works a little of his retro Electro magic with the song.

Dusting off the pulsating, robotic synths for this one, Diamond Cut’s Manic Computer reMix is appropriately titled, encompassing all manner of electronic shudders and blips. Thief’s vocals still work wonderfully with the music, slightly modulated they sound a little otherworldly set against the synthesizer’s shimmering retro soundtrack. Diamond Cut always delivers the very best, and often surprising, tracks. This tune is no different.

Thief – Broken Boy (DC’s Manic Computer reMix)

Check out more from Thief on SoundCloud.

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