Visitor’s début single B-side


One of the brightest ElectroPop hopes for the coming year, Visitor, stopped by the electronic rumors inbox last night to drop off the B-side to their forthcoming (and pretty eagerly anticipated) début single ‘Los Feeling’.

Defiantly a band to get exited about, Visitor have enlisted one of our favourite producers Diamond Cut to cover mixing board duties and with the already blog smashing Alan Braxe reMix the single is looking likely to take the Electro world by storm. ‘Love (Club Edit)’, the B-Side, is a slick as hell slice of electronic dance Pop that dips and soars in all the right place and could, frankly, sustain a single all of it’s own.

Visitor – Love (Club Edit)

‘Los Feeling’ drops 21stJune on Vulture Records, until then check out their MySpace for more music.

Visitor @ MySpace

One comment on “Visitor’s début single B-side

  1. Digging the track! I love that it breaks the 3-4 minute barrier time and takes time to really sink into your head.

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