[Audio] Bit Funk’s ‘Off The Ground’



Brooklyn based groover and all-round nice guy Bit Funk is kinda’ considered somewhat the ‘producer’s producer’. Alongside being a big chunk of the Nu-Disco scene’s go to mastering engineer Bit Funk makes the kind of tune that make other producers say “damn”.

He’s been around for a while too, first coming to prominence around 2009 and since then racking up some top reMix and production credits, with some pretty big names, but his own original releases have been far too rare; the last one must have been 2013’s Soul Satisfaction, the man’s gruelling touring schedule must be something to do with that.Thankfully, for us, though when the man does release a new original tune it’s generally something to be excited about as he mashed genres and brings the funk.

His latest offering is Off The Ground; a track for which he has enlisted the help of UK R&B vocalist Shea Jacobs to inject a little Pop flavour. It was released last week on Universal and looks set to be a slow burner that does big things.

Leading immediately with a soft piano hook and Jacob’s soulful vocals, Off The Ground pulls no punches in letting you in on what to expect. Uplifting and euphoric, with a warm comfortable groove, Off The Ground is effortlessly classy, breezing through with it’s dancefloor focused blend of Disco and Deep House. At it’s heart a Pop tune, Off The Ground comes complete with a catchy chorus and a heartfelt refrain, but works that around an array of modern club techniques, most noticeably a stonkin’ UK Deep House bass drop that pulls the track into a more Disco friendly Gorgon City type territory. Big, summery, anthemic stuff that you’re bound to be hearing more of in the coming months.

♫ Bit Funk (Feat. Shea Jacobs) – Off The Ground

Bit Funk’s Off The Ground is out now.

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[Audio] Bit Funk reMixes Nameless’ ‘7 Days In The Sun’



Here’s a new slice of tasty smoothness from New York producer Bit Funk. It’s a reMix of the new single from French rockers Nameless. 7 Days In The Sun is a stuttering Indie-Rock tune that is completely transformed in the hands of Bit Funk into sweeping Robo-Disco dancefloor silk.

Effortlessly cool, Bit Funk’s reMix of 7 Days In The Sun immediately wraps you in a blanket of warm synths and an easy Disco beat. Repurposing the original’s vocals as a modulated mantra, Bit Funk really does bring the sunshine to the song, spacing out groovy electric piano and a bouncy bassline along it;s six minute length. Evocative of hot summer nights and poolside parties, this reMix really hits the chilled, summery sweet spot.

♫ Nameless – 7 Days In The Sun (Bit Funk reMix)

Nameless’ 7 Days In The Sun is out now.

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[Download] Bit Funk’s ‘Soul Satisfaction’


Bit Funk

Soul Satisfaction is the latest tune from Brooklyn beatmaster Bit Funk and as per-usual, the man comes up with something surprising, innovative and out-of-the-blue. On Soul Satisfaction that surprise is a beautiful deep-south-y blues-y vocal which imbues the song with, well, soul. Check it out.

Remember in the mid-890s, when everyone was sampling old Blues records and pairing them up with piano hooks and breakbeats? Well, Soul Satisfaction is kinda’ like that, but minus the breakbeats and plus a truck load of House grove. The whole experience, from the finger-snapping beat to the big choruses, is quite dramatic and emotional, with Bit Funk’s music rising and falling with the vocals. It’s really hard not to love.

Bit Funk – Soul Satisfaction

Soul Satisfaction is taken from Bit Funk’s forthcoming Soul Satisfaction EP, due out 12th December.

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[Audio] More Viceroy reMixes, Bit Funk and Bufi


We’re still loving San Francisco producer Viceroy and Chela’s Dream Of Bombay single. In fact, we’re hoping that, come December, someone reminds us about it because it already feels like it deserves a place in out end of year bests. As the reMixes keep rolling in, they are definitely keeping the quality high. Right now Bit Funk and Bufi have a crack at the track and both deliver, very different but nicely complimentary version of the song.

Bit Funk delivers a glorious Disco-House tune that really plays up the dreaminess of the original and Chela vocals. If the original version is a summery beach party, then Bit Funk’s reMix is the club you go to as it gets dark. Intoxicating deep Disco. Bufi, on the other hand gets a bit more ecclectic with Chela’s vocal and turns in an Acidic Italo-Disco tune with some hypnotic pitched vocals and popping drums. This tune just gets better and better.

♫ Viceroy (Feat. Chela) – Dream Of Bombay (Bit Funk reMix)

♫ Viceroy (Feat. Chela) – Dream Of Bombay (Bufi reMix)

Viceroy (Feat. Chella)’s Dream Of Bombay is out now.

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New tune from Bit Funk


This new jam from Brooklyn based producer Bit Funk is everything a summery Disco-House tune should be. Not only does it work in just the right elements for a good-times-in-the-sun track, but it captures just the right mood, without feeling forced. Partying in the sun this weekend, let this be your soundtrack.

Probably the most Housey thing Bit Funk has released, It’s My Love rides on a deep Chicago bassline, a body shaking groove that plays to the summer party vibe perfectly. Bit Funk keeps the energy levels high with a rapturous 90’s House piano hook to compliment the diva vocal samples, and just the right among of Disco licks to nod to his roots. The track’s got a bit of a shuffle to it, and is actually quite Bristol House, but then again I would say that…

♫ Bit Funk – It’s My Love

You can download It’s My Love for free at Bit Funk’s Facebook page.

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Bit Funk’s new tune

Bit Funk

Brooklyn Disco don Bit Funk is back with a brand new tune, and one with such a summery groove that it’ll make the sun shine wherever you are. Even if you live in Alaska. Bit Funk seems to have been a bit quiet of late so this new track is a most welcome return.

It Ain’t Easy walks a tightrope, balanced between Nu-Disco and House. Taking in the funky little licks and laid back beats of Nu-Disco and coupling them with a solid House bassline and vocal snatches, Bit Funk has conjured up to perfect tune for late night dancefloors. That deep bassline is the real core of the track, giving it a nice nostalgic flavour.

Bit Funk – It Ain’t Easy

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MiGHty mOUse’s Disco Circus Vol 3

Mighty Mouse

The time is almost upon is, MiGHty mOUse’s third volume of their ‘Disco Circus’ series is due for released at the beginning of March and around these parts is the most eagerly awaited mix compilation incoming.

And it’ll be worth the wait, we promise. the two CDs are expertly mixed and a who’s-who of the best tracks from the last few months, many of whom have graced these pages, along side some new surprises and classics from the ‘70’s and ‘80’s. It’s all flawless smooth, taking the listener on a journey of Disco, from the chilled to the dancefloor destroying and back again. The line up is improbably impressive. The Magician, Gigamesh, Oliver, Pat Lok, L’Equipe Du Son, Bit Funk, Drop Out Orchestra, Blackstrobe, Kamp!, Figure Of 8, The C90s, Worship, Todd Terje, Only Children, The Penelopes the list goes on and on. This compilation really soars in places, it’s an uplifting experience and one that sounds good whatever your mood, wherever you are.

♫ Pat Lok – Yes Game (Bit Funk reMix)

♫ Only Children – Don’t Stop (MiGHty mOUse reMix)

MiGHty mOUse – Smiling Faces (Unreleased Dub)

♫ The Penelopes – Now Now Now (The C90s reMix)

MiGHty mOUse are off an a bunch of DJ tours back up the release, they’re in the US 22d March-6th April, Australia 22nd April for three weeks, but before that back in in London 25nd February for a massive Disco night at Scala with Mylo, Lindstrøm, Brodinski and Aeroplane

The third instalment of MiGHty mOUse’s ‘Disco Circus’ series will be released 12th March.

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Radio INK: ‘Rocket’, the reMixes

radio ink

Radio INK haven’t graced the pages of electronic rumors for a while now, but their new reMix package for the ‘Rocket’ single…oh my god!

I honestly don’t know where to begin, nine reMixes, all top quality. Let’s take a look at some of the best. Bit Funk kicks things off with one of his best to date, a deep bassed DiscoPop tune that works the best of Disco and Pop to their fullest. Moonchild rocks his synthesizer disco for an upbeat track that I believe samples Freeez’s ‘I.O.U.’, or contains a riff that sounds just like it. Neon Workout bring a more retro Dreamwave flavour to the package. The 80’s sounds in this Mix bring out a whole new side of the vocal track. Koobra (from Helsinki 78-82)’s sweeping SynthWave take on the track turns the tune into a retro ElectroPop epic with an instant classic lead line.

♫ Radio INK – Rocket (Bit Funk reMix)

♫ Radio INK – Rocket (Moonchild reMix)

♫ Radio INK – Rocket (Neon Workout reMix)

Radio INK – Rocket (Koobra reMix)

The ‘Rocket’ reMix package is out this week, until then check out more from Radio INK on SoundCloud.

Justin Faust’s new EP


Today sees the release of the long awaited new EP from Nu-Disco producer extraordinaire Justin Faust.

Dropping on Discotexas, the ‘Girl Talk’ EP is paced with three tracks and another three reMixes from some of the biggest names in the game. The whole thing is top quality, slickly produced, Electro Disco goodness. The title track is a solid groover with enough funk in its low end and sparkle in it’s top to keep any party jumping. Alongside that monster is ‘High Hopes’, a beautiful synthesizer journey, more mid-tempo and dreamlike than Faust’s usual output but a welcome interlude in the middle in a storing EP. It’s chilled retro sound working as the heart of the EP. Amongst others reMixes come from Bit Funk, who’s filtered Disco blazes through ‘Girl Talk’ and takes it straight to the danceflooor. Doesn’t even buy it a drink first!. Australia’s awesome G.L.O.V.E.S. brings a nice mix-up between Disco and 90’s House which teases you until it kicks back in, after the piano breakdown, with full on synth Funk.

♫ Justin Faust – Girl Talk

♫ Justin Faust – High Hopes

♫ Justin Faust – Girl Talk (Bit Funk reMix)

♫ Justin Faust – Girl Talk (G.L.O.V.E.S. reMix)

There’s also another original tracks and a massive Dub reMix from Herr Styler on the EP, go check it out!

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Only Children

Only Children are Chicago based collective of DJs and producers who, after a string of edits and reMixes, have just released their début artist single on Nuclear Family.

‘Don’t Stop’ is quite a stunning début. Taking New York Disco bass, intricate Indie-Electro synth work and New Order-esque vocals and washing the whole thing in a sheen of effortless Indie Disco cool, Only Children have created a summer hit that is catchy with a groove you can’t ignore. This is how 21st century ElectroPop should sound, intelligent, funky and slick, as much for the dancefloor as the headphones. Not only is the track awesome but the line up of reMix talent is pretty amazing too. Amongst the reMix package MiGHty mOUse work their magic with a smooth organ led Disco rework, Hey Champ!’s glitterball Disco reMix is ridiculously infections, and Bit Funk provide my favourite mix with a deep late night drive of a Dreamwave mix.

Only Children – Don’t Stop (Original Mix)

♫ Only Children – Don’t Stop (MiGHty mOUse reMix)

Only Children – Don’t Stop (Hey Champ! reMix)

♫ Only Children – Don’t Stop (Bit Funk reMix)

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