Alan Braxe reMixes Visitor


London’s SynthPop rising stars Visitor’s Diamond Cut produced forthcoming single ‘Los Feeling’ is being eagerly anticipated by anyone with even a passing interest in electronic music.

The ex-Cobra Dukes produce, with this single, a perfect balance of the retro and the new, as if modern equipment and production techniques were transported back to the 80’s. ‘Los Feeling’ is powerful and passionate with node to both the intimate ElectroPop of Pet Shop Boys and OMD to the stadium rock of Simple Minds or U2. The much anticipated Alan Braxe reMix has been on Youtube for a while now and has had more than a few repeat listens. Braxe really takes the track to another level creating an intense, multi-layered Nu-Disco track that deserves to blasted loud on a summer’s night!

Visitor – Los Feeling (Alan Braxe Radio Edit)

Visitor – Los Feeling

With more reMixes from Designer Drugs, Fear Of Tigers and Monsieur Adi, waiting for this single to be released is almost painful, until then give the guys some massive MySpace love!

Visitor @ MySpace

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