Queen Of Hearts’ ‘Warrior’

Queen Of Hearts

Queen Of Hearts is back with a brand new single, and that usually means we’ll be having a good weekend, and if we don’t at least we’ll have something to play on repeat. One again teaming up with Australian über producer Diamond Cut, the new track, Warrior, is quite a departure for both of them, DC especially, but it’s an experimentation that really works and makes for a nice hit of majesty in Queen Of hearts catalogue.

So, on Warrior, Diamond Cut brings the tribal and Queen Of hearts brings the drama. the result is a powerful, climactic five minutes. Introduced by a sparse piano line that rings, hunting, in the distance as the first signs of hammering percussion and a passionate vocal delivery from The Queen, who’s voice glides across the track like a siren’s call amidst the relentless arpeggios and militaristic pounding drums. The addition of  edgy stings just heightens the cinematic feel of the track. We weren’t expecting something in this vein from The Queen’s next single, but it’s a pleasant surprise and merely extends her sonic pallet. We’ll be keeping en eye on that chunky guitar though (yes, we heard it DC!). Queen Of Hearts is off to the states for a handful of shows this week; you guys aren’t going to know what hit you!

♫ Queen Of Hearts  – Warrior (Produced By Diamond Cut)

Queen Of Hearts’ Warrior is released on 2nd December.

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