Diamond Cut reMixes Harts


The enigmatic Diamond Cut is easily one of the best producers in the world. As well dropping some of the best reMixes of the past few years, on top of one or two (too few) original tracks, he’s also had a hand in so much of the music we love. Everyone from Queen Of Hearts to Visitor have been graced with this Dreamwave guru’s talent. Producing other artists aside, Diamond Cut has been quite quite on recent months when it comes to his own work. Now he’s breaking radio silence with this new reMix of Australian Indie Rocker Harts début single, All Too Real.

Diamond Cut turns it into a slick dance track. Creating a smooth hybrid of Dreamwave and 90’s House, DC whips up the best of both worlds in this mix. Using the originals guitar riff in a way reminiscant of a bit of Daft Punk brings a little Disco touch to the tune. The result of this melting pot of styles is a cool, deep, groove with a retro synth sheen topped off with some impassioned Indie vocals. Hopefully this will see a return to a more active (in the release arena at least) Diamond Cut, more of these late night summer jams please. Diamond Cut leading the pack once more. The reMix will be released on limited edition 7” via Far Land.

Harts – All Too Real (Diamond Cut reMix)

You can pick up the All Too Real 7” here.

Check out more from Harts on SoundCloud.

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