[Audio] Foreign Boy’s ‘Dance Like A Light’


Foreign Boy

Out this week via Nude Disco comes the début EP from London’s Foreign Boy. We’ve been quite eagerly awaiting this release ever since he teased us with the slick BedroomPop tune Desperately Broken. The EP’s titled Dance Like A Light and holds four original songs and a reMix of the title track which all present a journey through the funkier side of retro electronics. Check out the title track and the reMix from Boysinadisco below.

Dance Like A Light is a full-on ‘jump up and dance’ track, awash with heavy layers of Italo and Boogie. It’s a surprisingly stomping tune after the introspective Desperately Broken, but still takes it’s cues from the most energetic of 80’s Pop. In five minutes of rapid fire basslines and shimmering synth riffs a vocoded dancefloor command becomes a mirrorball mantra that is easy to obey. Spanish duo Boysinadisco give the tune a Nu-Disco spin with their reMix, injecting the tune with a cheeky Disco licks and a blissful little lead line. Their mix manages to take the tune into heavier territory without loosing the original’s sense of fun. The whole EP is a strong début that makes Foreign Boy as one to watch.

♫ Foreign Boy – Dance Like A Light (Original Mix)

♫ Foreign Boy – Dance Like A Light (Boysinadisco reMix)

Foreign Boy’s Dance Like A Light is out now.

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[Audio] PWNDTIAC’s ‘Ready’ (+ Douze reMix)



At the end of the month, German Disco demon PWNDTIAC has releases his brand new single. It’s called Hey Girl and it’s a fairly standard Nu-Disco floorfiller with loads of lovely nods to Boogie and Electro Funk. It;s well worth a listen, but it’s the B-side, Ready, that really caught out attention. Featuring the talents of fellow German digitalfoxglove; Ready is a soaring space oddessy.

Filled to bursting point with thick robotic bass and cosmic keys; Ready is a vocoder laden monster that takes both 80s Boogie and French Disco as references and wraps them up in a post-Italo machine Funk. Vocally, the track mixes up some surprisingly soulful vocoder work with little Soul II Soul samples with really nice effect, like a duet between Caron Wheeler and a sad robot. For us, though, it’s that bassline that really draws us in, thick and punchy it seems to evolve through the track. French producer Douze offers his version of the track on the release; upping the B-Boy beats quota. Douze delvers one of his trademark synthetic journeys, mixing up Funk and cinematic SynthWave, he slowly builds the track until an unexpectedly energetic high. The whole release is definitely worth your attention when it;s released later this month.

♫ PWNDTIAC (Feat. digitalfoxglove) – Ready

♫ PWNDTIAC (Feat. digitalfoxglove) – Ready (Douze reMix)

PWNDTIAC’s Hey Girl is released 30th June.

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[Audio] Justin Faust reMixes Glen Check’s ‘Pacific’


Glen Check

Glen Check are a South Korean duo who have had a pretty successful career in that particularly East-Asian brand of sweet Indie-Electro-y Nu-Disco that that part of the world does so well. The guys have just released the second collection of reMixes of tracks from their Youth! album, this time focusing on the tracks Pacific; and on that release is this joyous four minutes from German synth-Disco master, Mr. Justin Faust.

OK, first up, ignore the rest of the track for a second, just listen to that bassline. Pure boogie. As soon as that punchy, retro synth bass kicked in Faust has us hook, line and sinker; conjuring the best mid-80s dancefloor hits to mind. Add to this some lush keys, Glen Check’s buoyant, optimistic vocals and cool summer-pop swing; and you’re left with a track that  just puts a smile of your face, whatever the weather. Stick around for a mind-warping solo at the track’s finale. Groove on!

♫ Glen Check – Pacific (Justin Faust reMix)

Glen Check’s Pacific – reMixes From Youth! is out now.

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[Audio] Ronika’s ‘Selectadisc’ album



Ronika will always kinda’ be ‘the one that got away’ for us. After appearing on electronic rumors volume 1, the album that made us decide to launch a record label, we would have given our right arm to sign Ronika, we just never found an angle. Not only is she an incredibly talented songwriter, performer and producer (having been a professional sound engineer in her pre-Pop star life), but with her own releases via her label Record Shop, a shrewd businesswoman too. Honestly, we could never think of anything we could offer her that she couldn’t already do amazingly well herself. If only we’d had loads of money back then.

After spending the past couple of years releasing some of the finest singles in the country, Ronika is finally ready to drop her début album; Selectadisc. Named after legendary record Nottingham record shop (which is lucky, if we released an album based on our childhood crate digging haunt it would be called ‘Tony’s’, which doesn’t have the same ring to it.), the LP has already been a big part of our life since late last year (at this point I’m going to have to drop the blog ‘we’).

Late last year my dad died. Shit happens, it was pretty dark. Certain sections of the music industry sent over their condolences and musical care packages, it was touching and appreciated. Topping off the outpouring of sympathy Ron send over a copy of the then-just-mastered and untitled Selectadisc. Now, I’m not going to go all soap opera on you and say it made everything better. My dad had just died y’know. But it did do practically the impossible, take my mind of things for a while. And put a smile on my face. The album has been constantly play-listed ever since.

At this juncture, just before slipping back into the entirely more comfortable blog ‘we’, I’d like to point out that had Selectadisc been a bit shit none of that story would make sense. Luckily for all involved it’s not a bit shit, not even a tiny bit. If fact it’s fucking awesome, in every possible way and so far 2014’s best album (and looking unlikely to be beaten). Keep in mind that the likes of Tensnake and Chromeo have released records this year too and I swear that I am being as un-biased as humanly possible when I say that. Best album of the year.

So, to the music. As to be expected (almost) all the ‘hits’ are present and correct. Wiyoo, Forget Yourself, Paper Scissors Stone, Clock, Only Only, In The City and Rough ‘N’ Soothe are all here in newly recorded versions.Collected together here they present a timeline of Ronika’s journey as she weaves in and out of 80s Pop, Disco, Italo and Boogie; unleashing catchy hooks and infectious choruses as she travels. Only Automatic and Do Or Die from Ronika’s discography are missing, but seeing as they are making room for the new material we’ll excuse their absence.

The track we were most excited about hearing on Selectadisc was 1000 Nights. For a long time our live favourite; the tune doesn’t disappoint in studio form as Ronika puts one foot in the 80s Power Pop arena an delivers a huge cinematic epic. Like Bonnie Tyler meets Giorgio Moroder, 100 Nights is the hit single from an imaginary 80s movie soundtrack. There’ll be a ton of dry ice and wind machines in the video. It’s spot as our favourite of Selectadisc’s new material was usurped, though, by Video Collection. Video Collection reigns as one of the album’s standout tracks with it’s driving late 80s beat, punchy Italo bassline, sing-a-long chorus and sense of humour. We’re not sure if “built up my video collection, and now it’s good for nothing” is supposed to be a metaphor for life and emotional investment; but taken literally it pretty much describes our lives.

Album teaser Shell Shocked serves up it’s springy-bass laden soulful epicness, pairing Ron’s vocally sweeter side with some complex synth work, to offer a musically nostalgic TOTP moment amongst the Boogie. Selectadisc’s mid-point moment of cool comes in the form of Believe It, a laid back and involving slice of electronic Soul that finds Ron at her most Motown (vocally) over a shuffling late 80s groove, that serves as the calm before the Earthrise.

Earthrise treads similar bombastic territory to 1000 Nights, but adds a little B-Boy Electro to the Boogie with galloping hi-hats and a comfortable mixture of starlight synths and Disco licks sitting in-between the Robo beats and Ron’s passionate performance. Which makes for a nice contest with What’s In Your Bag?, a track that was our least favourite on first listen. Definitely a grower, our opinion of What’s In Your Bag? has gone from ‘filler’ to ‘work of pure genius’. Both the sunshine Pop vibe and the at-first-glace throwaway lyrics can seem alien on the record, but delving into the track revels a lyrical wit and 90s dance vibe that it is really hard not to love.

The other pre-album teaser Search Siren acts at the album’s spiritual epilogue. It’s enigmatic drama putting a full stop to proceedings with low key beats and one of the finest vocal performances on the album. We say ‘spiritual’ epilogue, because the album actually closes on Mixtape. A fun and funky tune, Mixtape feels a little out of place on Selectadisc but makes for a perfect encore and, in it’s own way, seems to sum up the experience of Selectadisc, only from the outside (it’s also definitive proof of the well known playground wisdom that ‘girls can’t make gun noises’).

So, to summarise (in case you haven’t been paying attention or have skipped to the end); buy this album. We guarantee it’ll either be your favourite record of the year, or in your top five. Ronika can write classic Pop songs with the best of them, but she’s so steeped in Disco, Italo and Boogie that every second of Selectadisc oozes compelling robotic Funk. That’s a combination that many try, but very very few ever master, and Ronika pulls it off better than anyone we can think of. Even Chromeo. So there.

Your summer starts right here.

–Edit– Apparently Mixtape isn’t on the final release of the album, so the world will be deprived of Ronika’s gun noises. Sadface.

♫ Ronika – Shell Shocked

♫ Ronika – Rough ‘N’ Soothe (Single Version)

♫ Ronika – In The City (Single Version)

♫ Ronika – Wiyoo (Single Version)

Ronika’s Selectadisc is due out 2nd June and can be pre-order on vinyl from the Record Shop shop here.

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[Download] Ali Jamieson’s ‘Push The Night’



One of our favourite tracks from London groovemeister and Heavy Disco label boss Ali Jamieson, Push The Night, finally saw release this week, and it’s free too. It’s featured as part of  NVMLS’ NVWLS/I compilation EP, four tracks of heavy Disco sounds with Jamieson bringing heavy doses of B-Boy Funk to the table.

Blending his trademark Jazzy Disco with a strong Bronx beat, Jamieson goes full-on Electro Boogie. Sporting a thick Italo-esque bassline complimented by wicked little Disco licks, Push The Night serves up an original head-spinner that keeps moving with mantra vocoder. This is proper vintage urban groove. Stay tuned for a special Ali Jamieson announcement in the coming months.

Ali Jamieson – Push The Night

Ali Jamieson’s Push The Night is featured on the NVWLS/I compilation EP, out now.

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[Audio] Paradisko’s ‘Chewing Gum’ (+ MiGHty mOUse reMix)



Out this week on the mighty On The Fruit Records is the début record from Turkish Duo Paradisko. Already getting a heap of support; the track, the product of the pairing of Thousand Fingers & Hemi, comes complete with a packed reMix package featuring the likes of Xinobi, Digits and Cosmic Disco master MiGHty mOUse.

This one’s all about that utterly infectious synth bass. Funky as all hell, the bassline works it’s way into your head and effects your feet. It’s as playful as it is relentlessly groovy, a head on collision of Italo and Nu-Disco, this robo-Boogie is bound to stay on repeat for a long time to come. MiGHty mOUse’s take on the tune is a slow builder, taking it;s time to layer intricate purcussion and rich pads until it reaches a point where it morphs into a UK House monster that owes as much to early 90s Bleep House as it does to today’s dancefloors. The mOUse delivers a nice mix of ominous bass and light Disco synths with dancefloor destroying precision. It;s an awesome collection of track you definitely need to be checking out.

♫ Paradisko – Chewing Gun (Original Mix)

♫ Paradisko – Chewing Gun (MiGHty mOUse remix)

Paradisko’s Chewing Gum is out now.

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[Mixtape] Edwin Van Cleef’s ‘Spring Selection 2014’


Edwin Van Cleef

Edwin Van Cleef – Spring Selection 2014 = Cleef is back to put a ‘spring’ in your step (see what we did there?) with this hour of killer House and Nu-Disco tunes. Keep a close ear out for a sneak preview of a forthcoming electronic rumors release too!

Edwin Van Cleef – Spring Selection 2014

The tracklist:
01. Ananda Project (Feat. Gaelle Adisson) – Cascades of Colour (Wamdue Black reMix)
02. Compuphonic (Feat. Marques Toliver) – Sunset (David Keno reMix)
03. Henry Saiz – Uncharted
04. Freak You (Feat. Bright Light Bright Light) – There You Are (Edwin Van Cleef reMix)
05. Oud!n13 – Higgs Singlet (Taho reMix)
06. Deetron (Feat. Ben Westbeech) – Rhythm
07. Marc Romboy & KiNK – Over and Out
08. Michel Cleis – Hey Lady Luck (Jimpster reMix)
09. Henry Saiz – Golden Air (Alexander Kowalski reMix)
10. Hercules And Love Affair – Do You Feel the Same?
11. Henry Saiz – The Way The Sunlight Plays Upon Her Hair
12. Mungolian Jetset – Smells Like Gasoline

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[Audio] Nine Lives’ ‘Adagio’



Manchester groover Nine Lives is gearing up for the release of his new single. The Nu-Disco producer is soon to unleashed Adagio, on Vendition Records; due out next month. If you want to start you week with the best on Nu-Disco and Boogie then you’ve come to the right place, Nine Lives delivers both in heaps. Check it out.

An utterly smooth grove, Adagio eases you into it’s flow with a punchy bassline, boarding on Italo and smokey keys. The tune is guided by a warm and soulful vocal, who’s hazy sound contests nicely with the tight synthetic Boogie. A carefree summery tune, this is one of those tracks that makes the world suddenly go into soft-focus. Beats like silk.

♫ Nine Lives – Adagio

Nine Lives’ Adagio is released 7th April

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[Audio] Awon’s ‘No Return’



Bristolian Disco collective Bedmo Disco are back with another fresh release. The Product Of Bedminster EP contains this gem from Awon who’s gearing up for his début solo EP, The Awon Sound, later in the year. Before than one drops, though, he’s here to deliver the ultimate synth funk with No Return.

What you’ll get with No Return is Cosmic kraftwerkian beats, big Boogie synths, 80s Soul Pop leads and a resonating Dub vibe. It’s heady mix that just screams summer–in-the-city. A tack that is equal parts classic Top Of The Pops and B-Boy breakin’, all wrapped up with a Nu-Disco bow, No Return’s chugging groove is guaranteed to get your blood pumping and set you up for the weekend.

♫ Awon – No Return

Awon & Bedmo Disco’s ‘Product Of Bedminster’ EP is due out in April.

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[Mixtape] Satin Jackets’ ‘Between The Beats’


Satin Jackets

Satin Jackets – Between The Beats – Here’s the latest mixtape from German Boogie master Satin Jackets. Synth heavy laid back grooves are what on offer right here, a mixtape you can just sink into.

Satin Jackets – Between The Beats

The tracklist:

01. Kartell – Sapphire Intro (Sexual) & Nevermind
02. Paskal & Urban Absolutes – White Walls
03. Seoul – Stay With Us
04. Pompeya – Slow (Acos Coolkas Unreleased reMix)
05. Luvless – Be Mine
06. Pioneerball & Lipelis – Blinkin (Pole Jam Vinyl Cut)
07. Woz (Feat. Joel Compass) – Early Morning Champagne (Adelaide reMix)
08. Monsoon Season (Feat. Miss Bee) – Green On Blue (Deep&Disco Lost reMix)
00. DatA – Soldier’s Flag (Bottin reMix)
09. KLar&PF – Circles
10. Cetranger – Stay

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