Ronika; ‘Wiyoo’

Nottingham’s finest proponent of retro DiscoPop, Ronika, finally releases her ‘Forget Yourself’/’Wiyoo’ single next week.

We introduced you to the A-side early last month, now just ahead of the single release you can have a listen to the B-side, ‘Wiyoo’ (as in Why you?) cements her position as the Madonna of the midlands, only with more New York Disco authenticity and than Madge could ever muster. This track could quite easily be the theme tune and hit single to a 1984 edgy rom-com called Wiyoo, probably starring Ronika in her first major motion picture role, bringing some of the style and sass that allowed her to dominate the charts in ‘82-‘83 to the screen. If you get what I mean. The music, though, is pure early 80’s DiscoPop of the highest calibre. Many people try to emulate this sound but Ronika seems to be able to do it effortlessly and unlike many of her contemporaries does it without a hint of pastiche or novelty. ‘Wiyoo’ sounds totally authentic.

Ronika – Wiyoo

Buy Ronika’s music from:

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5 comments on “Ronika; ‘Wiyoo’

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