Ronika’s ‘Clock’


The Madonna Of The Midlands™, Ronika, has just premiered a brand new slab of super-retro DiscoPop Boogie.

Collaborating once again with Charles Washington (of ‘Paper, Scissors And Stone’ fame), Ronika has produced a another bouncing bassed peice of soulful ElectroPop. ‘Clock’ stands out from Ronika’s body of work, so far, by having a slightly icy edge to it. Musically the track, on first listen, appears to be an emotive four minutes of ElectroBoogie with a bit of an early ‘90’s House influence, but repeated listens reveal undercurrents of the Cybotron edge of Old School Electro and Mid-‘80’s synth Dub that lend the tiniest hint of cold, futuristic roboticness. Of course, this is tempered by Ronika and Mr. Washington, who’s passionate duet warms the track up right nice! This, though, is Ronika’s greatest asset, her ability to throw all these elements into her Ronika brand melting pot and make the result sound so smooth and effortless.

Ronika (Feat. Charles Washington) – Clock

Ronika’s latest single ‘Only Only’/’In The City’ is out now and comes highly recommended.

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