[Audio] Foreign Boy’s ‘Desperately Broken’


Foreign Boy

Time for some synthetic BedroomPop now from Londoner Foreign Boy. Ex-Tommy And The Thieves, Foreign Boy latest demo goes by the name of Desperately Broken and, yes, it is as melancholy as the title suggests, but with a injection of musical optimism.

Gentle toytown beats and reedy synths come together to form Foreign Boy’s sound. Incorporating elements of classic SynthPop, Lo-Fi and quirky minimal Pop, Desperately Broken tells a tale on loneliness set to a soundtrack of pulsating keys and abrasive sound effects used in a raw, human way. Get drawn into the robotic, yet emotional, world of Foreign Boy, just make sure you take a hanky.

♫ Foreign Boy – Desperately Broken

Check out more from Foreign Boy on SoundCloud.

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