[Audio] Awon’s ‘No Return’



Bristolian Disco collective Bedmo Disco are back with another fresh release. The Product Of Bedminster EP contains this gem from Awon who’s gearing up for his début solo EP, The Awon Sound, later in the year. Before than one drops, though, he’s here to deliver the ultimate synth funk with No Return.

What you’ll get with No Return is Cosmic kraftwerkian beats, big Boogie synths, 80s Soul Pop leads and a resonating Dub vibe. It’s heady mix that just screams summer–in-the-city. A tack that is equal parts classic Top Of The Pops and B-Boy breakin’, all wrapped up with a Nu-Disco bow, No Return’s chugging groove is guaranteed to get your blood pumping and set you up for the weekend.

♫ Awon – No Return

Awon & Bedmo Disco’s ‘Product Of Bedminster’ EP is due out in April.

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Bedmo Disco and Awon

Bedmo Disco

The Bedminster Disco collective Bedmo Disco recently released a new split EP with fellow Bristolian Awon, it’s four tracks of full on Boogie. Just in-case someone didn’t notice, the chaps are giving away a free new track, Take A Bow, to draw attention to the B-Funk EP.

Take A Bow is the result of a back and forth collaboration between Bedmo Disco and Awon. In their own words; “Said track was produced by Awon. It was re-edited by Bedmo Disco, then re-produced (after the original files got lost) by Awon. We’ve been playing it on and off in our sets for about six months and it always goes down well.”. It’s a  big, undulating, slice of deep funk with a body shaking Disco bassline and some sweet, piercing retro synth work. The B-Funk EP itself hold four tracks of modern Electro Boogie flavoured Disco. The début original tunes from both Awon and Bedmo Disco, all four tracks are supremely confidently produced and the record is loaded with squelchy synth Funk basslines and stabbing nostalgic synths. The highlights have to be Awon’s, Startime, a track rolling in cosmic groove and wicked Disco licks, and Bemo Disco’s own Illusion. Illusion is a nice head-on collision between analog Disco and B-Boy Electro. Keeping it sexy on the dancefloor bit injecting it with just a little Electro-Funk flavour in the leads. Four track well worth your attention.

Awon And Bedmo Disco – Take A Bow

♫ Bedmo Disco – Illusion

♫ Awon – Startime

Bedmo Disco and Awon’s B-Funk EP is out now.

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