[MP3] Ronika’s ‘Search Siren’



Just in time for your weekend, here’s the new tune from the UK’s reigning DiscoPop queen Ronika. While we’re all still eagerly awaiting her début album, there release of which is drawing ever closer, she’s turned in a new slab of soulful electronic Pop to tide us over.

Taking things a little deeper than her previous bouncy offerings, Search Siren is an epic, cinematic, affair. The song sees Ron is full-on diva mode as she delivers an huge emotive performance over a cavalcade of vintage synth sounds. Buzzing synths and a haunting piano line intertwine over a relentlessly funk beat while Ronika’s multi layered vocals, tinged with a hint of melancholy, whip the track into a rousing lament that would work equally well on the dancefloor or in the headphones. Showing ever more versatility in her music, Ronika continues to cement her place as one of the UK’s rising stars, we can’t wait for the album.

Ronika – Search Siren

Ronika’s Rough ‘N’ Soothe single is out now.

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