[Download] Ali Jamieson’s ‘Push The Night’



One of our favourite tracks from London groovemeister and Heavy Disco label boss Ali Jamieson, Push The Night, finally saw release this week, and it’s free too. It’s featured as part of  NVMLS’ NVWLS/I compilation EP, four tracks of heavy Disco sounds with Jamieson bringing heavy doses of B-Boy Funk to the table.

Blending his trademark Jazzy Disco with a strong Bronx beat, Jamieson goes full-on Electro Boogie. Sporting a thick Italo-esque bassline complimented by wicked little Disco licks, Push The Night serves up an original head-spinner that keeps moving with mantra vocoder. This is proper vintage urban groove. Stay tuned for a special Ali Jamieson announcement in the coming months.

Ali Jamieson – Push The Night

Ali Jamieson’s Push The Night is featured on the NVWLS/I compilation EP, out now.

Buy Ali Jamieson’s music from:

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