[Audio] Nine Lives’ ‘Adagio’



Manchester groover Nine Lives is gearing up for the release of his new single. The Nu-Disco producer is soon to unleashed Adagio, on Vendition Records; due out next month. If you want to start you week with the best on Nu-Disco and Boogie then you’ve come to the right place, Nine Lives delivers both in heaps. Check it out.

An utterly smooth grove, Adagio eases you into it’s flow with a punchy bassline, boarding on Italo and smokey keys. The tune is guided by a warm and soulful vocal, who’s hazy sound contests nicely with the tight synthetic Boogie. A carefree summery tune, this is one of those tracks that makes the world suddenly go into soft-focus. Beats like silk.

♫ Nine Lives – Adagio

Nine Lives’ Adagio is released 7th April

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[Audio] Nine Lives’ ‘Long Hot Nights’


Nine Lives

Manchester’s top Nu-Disco producer Nine Lives has delivered a new track that does exactly what it says on the tin. His forthcoming new single, Long Hot Nights sounds exactly as the soundtrack to long hot nights should sound like. Silky smooth with a totally irresistible groove. the track’s released later in August, let’s hope the weather holds up.

With a  hypnotic guitar hook, Long Hot Nights combines the disciplines of  Disco, House and Garage into on seven minute journey through sweaty, sexy dancefloors. Folding laid back lounge sounds into a shuffling Garage beat, Nine Lives creates a comfortable mood, but one that still compels you to dance. We wish all summer sounded like this.

♫ Nine Lives – Long Hot Nights

Nine Lives’ Long Hot Nights is out 19th August.

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Nine Lives’ ‘1985’ reMixes

Jaki Graham

Manchester’s Nine Lives recent Moog bassed Disco jam ‘1985’ is getting a sweet reMix package release, to be released next month on Vendition Records. Bringing together two of the hottest producers in Disco, one more Electro Boogie, one more full on ‘70’s. The original was a slick Funky tune that featured samples from Jaki Graham’s ‘Round And Round’, but the reMixes take it one step further.

First up is the awesome Justin Winks A.K.A. Casio Social Club who’s ‘Back To ‘82’ reMix is the definite standout of the collection. A deep boogie bassline and an old school breakin’ feel. With a bassline straight from an ‘80’s electronic Soul record this is exactly the kind of tune you’d see climbing the club charts in the back pages of  a 1986 issue of Record Mirror. Nostalgic and fresh, always the best combination. Sweden’s Drop Out Orchestra also make their mark on the track with their classy Disco. Loaded with 70’s strings and a bouncy bassline, this is the one for the mirrorball lit dancefloors. Oh, and cowbell, lots and lots of cowbell. Cowbell like a brain worm. Nine Lives himself adds to the line up with his ‘Cat Funk’ reMix, which pulls things back into a smooth, laid back place with thick, warm synths and heavy production. This new single hold a reMix for every mood, well worth checking out.

♫ Nine Lives (Feat. Jaki Graham) – 1985 (Casio Social Club ‘Back To 85’ reMix)

♫ Nine Lives (Feat. Jaki Graham) – 1985 (Drop Out Orchestra reMix)

♫ Nine Lives (Feat. Jaki Graham) – 1985 (Nine Lives ‘Cat Funk’ Edit)

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