[Video] Satin Jackets’ ‘Shine On You’


Satin Jackets feat Esser   Shine On You  Official Video    YouTube

A couple of days ago we made some noise about the MiGHty mOUse and Ben Macklin reMixes of Satin Jackets and Esser’s forthcoming new single, Shine On You. Now check out the new video for the track. Visuals!

The clip is directed by Chris Ullens with funky animation over vintage video. Nice.

Satin Jackets’ Shine On You is out now.

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[Audio] Satin Jackets’ ‘Shine On You’ reMixed by Ben Macklin and MiGHty mOUse


Satin Jackets

Early next month Eskimo Recordings drops the new single from German Disco dons Satin Jackets. This new one featured vocals from London based crooner Esser, and the already awesome single comes backed with two even awesomer reMixes. Satin Jackets sure know how to pick ‘em as they serve up reworks from two of our favourite producers around right now. SynthWave maestro Ben Macklin and Cosmic Disco don MiGHty mOUse. Check out the reMixes of Shine On You.

The Macklin Dub eases you into it’s laid back groove with dreamy tones and sample snatches. Soon you;’e treated to a warm House vibe. Laid back and too cool for school, this reMix strips things back to pure dancefloor necessities and utilises them to full effect. Countering a deep bass with shimmering chines, Macklin offers up a chilled House anthem that we’re going to save for those lazy summer nights. MiGHty mOUse’s take on the tune immediately drops you into high energy Sci-Fi Disco territory. This in turn get peppered with classic UK House elements; the raw Cosmic bass playing up against sparkling arpeggios. As the Esser’s vocals glide frictionless across this soundtrack, things are taken to the next level with an array of soaring leads that lend the track in intense and euphoric dramatic quality. There’s a perfectly times build too. Amazing stuff.

♫ Satin Jackets (Feat. Esser) – Shine On You (Ben Macklin Dub)

♫ Satin Jackets (Feat. Esser) – Shine On You (MiGHty mOUse reMix)

Satin Jackets’ Shine On You is released 2nd February.

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[Audio] Max Lyazgin’s ‘Good Trip’ (+ Satin Jackets reMix)


Max Lyazgin

Russian producer Max Lyazgin will be a name familiar to anyone keeping one ear to the House and Nu-Disco scene. Having released a string of sweet releases on Nervous Recordings amongst others, Max has now teamed up with the awesome Pole Position Recordings to drop his new EP. The Good Trip EP is pretty stocked, with three originals and two reMixes it well worth the price of admission. Check out the title track, alongside a slick reMix from Germany’s Satin Jackets, below.

Good Trip deftly walks the line between compelling Deep House and laid back beach Disco. Riding on a punchy House bassline and eases you into it’s world gently, before launching into a full on Piano House jam that is equal parts floorfiller and chill out tune. Spikey leads and chirpy keys keep he mood light over a pounding Deep House backbeat. Satin Jackets keep the groove low down and bass heavy, and then pepper the track with a playful array of nostalgic synths. From the piercing 80s stabs to the distant synth Sax, The Satin Jackets mix is layered deep with little riffs and hooks that could have sounded over-complicated, but Max easily tames the track into a smooth five minutes of easy going bliss.

♫ Max Lyazgin – Good Trip

♫ Max Lyazgin – Good Trip (Satin Jackets reMix)

Max Lyazgin’s Good Trip is out now

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[Audio] Satin Jackets reMix Salt Ashes’ ‘Somebody’


Salt Ashes

Up-and-coming UK singer Veiga Sanchez, A.K.A. Salt Ashes, has just released her début single, Somebody. The Brighton based Italo-Popstress new tune also comes complete with this blissful reworking from one of our favourite German outfits, Satin Jackets. Prepare for some hazy summertime sounds.

With pure carefree vibes, Satin Jackets transform the original into a nostalgic, laid back, poolside churner. Airy melodies and a breezy piano hook give the Pop side of the track an organic, fluid edge; kept in place with a water-tight Disco beat. This is definitely a nice slice of port-Dreamwave Nu-Disco, and one for lazy summer afternoons.

♫ Salt Ashes – Somebody (Satin Jackets reMix)

Salt Ashes’ Somebody is out now.

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[Mixtape] Satin Jackets’ ‘Between The Beats’


Satin Jackets

Satin Jackets – Between The Beats – Here’s the latest mixtape from German Boogie master Satin Jackets. Synth heavy laid back grooves are what on offer right here, a mixtape you can just sink into.

Satin Jackets – Between The Beats

The tracklist:

01. Kartell – Sapphire Intro (Sexual) & Nevermind
02. Paskal & Urban Absolutes – White Walls
03. Seoul – Stay With Us
04. Pompeya – Slow (Acos Coolkas Unreleased reMix)
05. Luvless – Be Mine
06. Pioneerball & Lipelis – Blinkin (Pole Jam Vinyl Cut)
07. Woz (Feat. Joel Compass) – Early Morning Champagne (Adelaide reMix)
08. Monsoon Season (Feat. Miss Bee) – Green On Blue (Deep&Disco Lost reMix)
00. DatA – Soldier’s Flag (Bottin reMix)
09. KLar&PF – Circles
10. Cetranger – Stay

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[Audio] 5 Reasons & Patrick Baker


5 Reasons

Out this week on Shiny Disco Club is this new collaboration between Russian Nu-Disco producer 5 Reasons and out good friend Patrick Baker. 5 Reasons is a ridiculous 16 years old with a grasp of smooth Disco and House that, really, no-one that age has any right having. Putting more than a few of his contemporaries to shame his new single, Nightdrive In Moscow, once again makes us wonder where Russia is getting all this talent from. Something in the water?

Nightdrive In Moscow is loaded with elements you’d normally associate with more seasoned Nu-Disco producers. Rich 70s strings, relaxed Disco licks, choppy synth work, this isn’t cookie cutter Disco, this a well thought out, highly musical, nostalgia that is generally the realm of the top tier of artists. Patrick’s vocals flow like water over this smooth groove making the whole experience slick as hell. reMixes for the single are supplied by two Nu-Disco staples. Germany’s kings of Boogie Satin Jackets deliver a sumptuous, string lead, Disco mix that’s laden with warm bass hooks and a breezy feel, and Mexico’s Bronx, who gets a little more Housey with the track, mixing a warehouse vibe with some sweet Tropical percussion. Did we mention 5 Reasons was 16. Insanity!

♫ 5 Reasons (Feat. Patrick Baker) – Night Drive In Moscow (Original Mix)

♫ 5 Reasons (Feat. Patrick Baker) – Night Drive In Moscow (Satin Jackets reMix)

♫ 5 Reasons (Feat. Patrick Baker) – Night Drive In Moscow (Bronx reMix)

5 Reasons’ Night Drive In Moscow is released this week.

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[Audio] Satin Jackets & Eric Cozier’s new single

Satin Jackets

Germany’s king of laid back boogie Satin Jackets drops a brand new single next month. It’s another team up with his go-to guy for vocals, Eric Cozier, and this one injects a little classic SynthPop into their usual beach Disco world.

We say that because at times, amidst the bouncing Disco bass and shuffled beat, Boys & Girls occasionally feels a little bit Pet Shop Boys to our ears. Maybe it’s Cozier’s deadpan, nostalgic, vocal delivery or the Housieness to the rhythm, but there’s a definite air of mid-80s Pop to the track. Boys & Girls also doubles up on smooth grooves with the most relaxed of vintage Disco sounds, providing a little optimism to go with Cozier’s urban hymn. An awesome slice of dream Disco.

♫ Satin Jackets (Feat. Eric Cozier) – Boys & Girls (Original Mix)

Boys & Girls is released 11th February with remixes by Daniel Solar & Andi De Luxe and A. Fox..

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Tempogeist’s ‘Transatlantic’ EP


Transatlantic is the new EP from Belgian Disco duo Tempogeist. Out now on Shiny Disco Club the EP contains three original tracks and a host of reMixes by some of the best talent around. It’s a release chock full of big synth Boogie and smooth Disco sounds.

We Need Lovers is a slick late-night jam. With an effortless cool Tempogeist lay down right vintage synth sounds and a laid back Disco vibe. The track is complimented with a velvet male vocal and some gentle female MCing with an early Bronx feel. That feel is carried over into Romeo, which is the EPs highlight for us. A solid Boogie track with a sing-song old school rap that just flows with the track so well. a laid back party starter. Hold On picks up the pack a little and moves proceedings into a more DiscoPop territory, layering Tempogeist’s wickedly silky vintage Disco sounds with a catchy upbeat vocal. this track gets the bulk of the remix treatment, with work from Prometones, Rogue Vogue and this track from Germany’s Satin Jackets, who deliver a squelchy bassed slab of electronic funk.  Also available, but not on the EP, is this version of Romeo from Swedish SynthWavers Monitor 66. their take on the tune adds severe amounts of piano and space, but interesting use of the vocals to create a spacey and melodic House track.

♫ Tempogeist (Feat. Nidia) – We Need Lovers

♫ Tempogeist (Feat. Lisa Dank) – Romeo

♫ Tempogeist (Feat. Samuel) – Hold On

Tempogeist (Feat. Lisa Dank) – Romeo (Monitor 66 reMix)

♫ Tempogeist (Feat. Samuel) – Hold On (Satin Jackets reMix)

Tempogeist’s Transatlantic is out now.

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Tesla Boy + Satin Jackets + KLar&PF = The Socialites

The Socialites

Just like Hannibal, we love it when a plan comes together, so do Glam Jam who have put together an unbelievable trio of talent for their latest release. What happens when you put Russia’s Tesla Boy, one of the greatest DiscoPop acts in the world, fellow St. Petersburg based producers KLar&PF and Glam Jam’s own German smooth Disco king Satin Jackets together? The Socialites.

The result is Only This Moment, a track of which their are two versions, Satin Jackets mix and KLar&PF’s take. Both tracks are pinned down by the vocals of Tesla Boy’s Antonionni Sevidov, here doing his best Michael McDonald voice (we don’t think we’ve ever heard him croon so much). Satin Jackets delivers a slick Yacht like mix of the track.. A laidback funk bass and warm organ chords provide a real nautical Disco vibe, sounding like an instant classic. It’s a slow and sexy track that really works it’s groove. KLar&PF’s Only This Moment injects the track with more of an uplifting mood, whilst retaining the chilled Disco sound, it works in some euphoric lead lines and a smooth beach Disco outlook. Glam Jam are on to a late night winner right here.

♫ The Socialites (Feat. Tesla Boy) – Only This Moment (Satin Jackets Mix)

♫ The Socialites (Feat. Tesla Boy) – Only This Moment (KLar&PF Mix)

The Socialites (Feat. Tesla Boy)’s Only This Moment is released 1st October.

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Flamingo Drive’s ‘Every Time I Think Of You’


German king of Boogie Tim Bernhardt A.K.A. Satin Jackets presents the new single from his Flamingo Drive project this week via Cardiff’s awesome Pole Position Recordings. Satin Jackets collaborator Eric Cozier once again team up with the man to supply some slick vocals over the Flamingo Drive synthetic Disco groove.

Everytime I Think Of You picks up where the last release, Strange World on Mullet Records, left off, but while that track was an energetic digital Disco workout, Everytime I Think Of You takes the listener to slightly more chilled places. Folding in some early ‘80’s ElectroPop influences into the Nu-Disco sound, Flamingo Drive pulls off a shimmering slice of retro synthesizer Pop with a lazy Disco groove, while Cozier’s vocals seem to float in the distance. Of course there’s a Satin Jackets reMix, where Bernhardt goes all out on the percussive Nu-Disco. With a dirty grit to the production, Satin Jackets rock vintage drum machines and an B-Boy Electro bassline to put the Boogie back into Electro Boogie while keeping it smooth and summery at the same time. The single also contains an infectious Deep House mix from CRAM and the instrumental version of the original. Perfect timing now the weather is getting warmer, this single is made for summer party time.

♫ Satin Jackets Presents Flamingo Drive – Every Time I Think Of You (Vocal Mix)

♫ Satin Jackets Presents Flamingo Drive – Every Time I Think Of You (Satin Jackets reMix)

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