[Audio] Justin Faust reMixes Glen Check’s ‘Pacific’


Glen Check

Glen Check are a South Korean duo who have had a pretty successful career in that particularly East-Asian brand of sweet Indie-Electro-y Nu-Disco that that part of the world does so well. The guys have just released the second collection of reMixes of tracks from their Youth! album, this time focusing on the tracks Pacific; and on that release is this joyous four minutes from German synth-Disco master, Mr. Justin Faust.

OK, first up, ignore the rest of the track for a second, just listen to that bassline. Pure boogie. As soon as that punchy, retro synth bass kicked in Faust has us hook, line and sinker; conjuring the best mid-80s dancefloor hits to mind. Add to this some lush keys, Glen Check’s buoyant, optimistic vocals and cool summer-pop swing; and you’re left with a track that  just puts a smile of your face, whatever the weather. Stick around for a mind-warping solo at the track’s finale. Groove on!

♫ Glen Check – Pacific (Justin Faust reMix)

Glen Check’s Pacific – reMixes From Youth! is out now.

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