[Download] Ali Jamieson edits George Duke’s ‘Brazilian Love Affair’


George Duke

Soul/Jazz./Disco legend George Duke’s Latin infused Brazilian Love Affair, the lead track from the album of the same name, is no stranger to the world of Nu-Disco edits. Maybe it’s those cowbells? Maybe it’s the slap bass? Maybe it’s the carefree left-field groove? Something makes the track crack for producers. Just because a track has been given the edit treatment before doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to better it. That’s what Ali Jamieson, producer of some of our favourite edits in the past year or so, has done. And he’s brought his A game.

Slowly layering elements to east you into the groove. Ali builds up the very best bits of the track until the track is full to the brim. Where the original is a slinky, laid back, airy tune, Jamieson’s edit is an exuberant, unrelenting floorfiller that only briefly let’s up for it’s freeform breakdowns before launching back into the laser sighted Funk. Jazz Fusion turned Cosmic Disco. Excellent stuff.

George Duke – Brazilian Love Affair (Ali Jamieson Edit)

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[Audio] Ali Jamieson reMixes Christianoshi’s ‘Fake Blood’



London SynthPopper Christianoshi’s Trademark produced track Fake Blood first graced these pages a couple of years ago, and like his other tune, Trust, has got itself a re-release. Except this time he’s enlisted Disco renaissance man and political satirist Ali Jamieson to drag the track a couple of years into the present. Out money is on I Feel Sick being the next Christianoshi release, then he’ll be disappearing for a couple of years to write three new tunes.

Ali get’s his House groove on with this new one; in fact, at times the track veers into the realms of (dare we say it) Techno and even EBM. Amid all the Germanic arpeggios and chopped up vocals it’s reassuring that the tracks rests on a skippy House beat to keep you moving. Layered with a nice line in 90s space-y pads; a Dub version of the tune could nicely fit along side the likes of Orbital in that kind of early-to-mid 90s tough-but-ambient era of dance music. It’s a good job then, that a sweet Dub version of the reMix is also available for your downloading and dancing pleasure.

♫ Christianoshi – Fake Blood (Ali Jamieson reMix)

Christianoshi – Fake Blood (Ali Jamieson Dub reMix)

Christianoshi’s Fake Blood is out now.

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[Download] Ali Jamieson edits David Bowie’s ‘Magic Dance’, the Duckula theme and Mel Brook’s ‘To Be Or Not To Be’



Producer, teacher, multi-instrumentalist, Heavy Disco label boss and electronic rumors alumni Ali Jamieson has been mucking around lately. The funny thing is though, Ali Jamieson mucking around tends to be quite a bit better than many Nu-Disco producers trying to be serious.

What needs to be said, Ali has taken on David Bowie’s Labyrinth destroying Magic Dance with surprising complexity, the Duckula theme tune, which is just amazing (for non British, or very young, readers Count Duckula was a badass cartoon int he 80s) and Mel BrooksTo Be Or Not To Be (The Hitler Rap) (which, if you don’t know; welcome to comedy). Weird, nostalgic, amazing robo-Boogie ensues.

David Bowie – Magic Dance (Ali Jamieson Edit)

Mike Harding – Count Duckula Theme (Ali Jamieson Edit)

Mel Brooks – To Be Or Not To Be (The Hitler Rap) (Ali Jamieson Edit)

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[Download] Ali Jamieson edits Sandy Marton’s ‘Camel By Camel’



Were all busying ourselves here at electronic rumors HQ, putting things together for a pretty sweet forthoming release from Mr. Ali Jamieson. While he’s waiting for us to get our shit together, the London based multi-instrumentalist, and Heavy Disco head-honcho, has turned in this rather infectious edit of Croatian Italo champion, and keytar warrior, Sandy Marton’s 1985 tune Camel By Camel

Walking the line between edit and reMix, Ali puts the Turbo Funk touch on the track. Everything is bigger; bigger beats, bigger bass and the track pounds like never before. Toning down the vocals, and giving them a little vocoder company, Jaimeson frees up some space int he track for his juggernaut bass; which powers it’s way through the track, dragging along little Disco licks and Sci-Fi synths in it’s wake. Surprisingly though, the tune never looses the feel of the original, just gives it all the flair of a contemporary production, and it;s that the point of an edit? Mission accomplished.

Sandy Marton – Camel By Camel (Ali Jamieson Edit)

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[Download] Ali Jamieson’s ‘Push The Night’



One of our favourite tracks from London groovemeister and Heavy Disco label boss Ali Jamieson, Push The Night, finally saw release this week, and it’s free too. It’s featured as part of  NVMLS’ NVWLS/I compilation EP, four tracks of heavy Disco sounds with Jamieson bringing heavy doses of B-Boy Funk to the table.

Blending his trademark Jazzy Disco with a strong Bronx beat, Jamieson goes full-on Electro Boogie. Sporting a thick Italo-esque bassline complimented by wicked little Disco licks, Push The Night serves up an original head-spinner that keeps moving with mantra vocoder. This is proper vintage urban groove. Stay tuned for a special Ali Jamieson announcement in the coming months.

Ali Jamieson – Push The Night

Ali Jamieson’s Push The Night is featured on the NVWLS/I compilation EP, out now.

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[Download] Ali Jamieson’s ‘Bitrman’ reMixed by Plainview



It was back in September last year that Ali Jamieson released his Bitrman EP, a raw and live sounding Disco jam that was surprisingly rockin’. So up steps fellow Londoner Plainview to bring the track to order with an unusually Kraftwerkian twist on Italo Disco. Check it out.

The effervescent keys of the most mirrorballed Disco tune are present and correct here, but the flow alongside some chilly pads, a stuttering machine beat and a growling riff that reminds us a little of The Golden Filter’s Solid Gold. A completely new twist on the track, Plainview’s remix delivers dancefloor order to Jamieson’s groovy chaos.

Ali Jamieson – Bitrman (Plainview Edit)

Ali Jamieson’s Bitrman EP is out now.

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[Audio] Irish Steph’s ‘Breathe’ (+ Ali Jamieson and Louis La Roché reMixes)


Irish Steph

Breathe is the forthcoming new single from seriously underrated Dubliner Irish Steph. Out at the end of the month on La Valigetta, the single is already getting spun by the likes of Madeon, Philippe Zdar (Cassius), Aeroplane, Justin Faust and Shinichi Osawa and deservedly so. When the release drops you can expect a bursting-at-the-seams reMix package from the likes of Blatta & Inesh, Joao Ceser, Stephane Deschezaux Ali Jamieson and Louis La Roché. Check it out.

Breathe bursts out your speakers with a siren drone before easing in a heartfelt vocal and a heavy bass groove.Walking the line between Nu-Disco and harder Dance sounds, Irish Steph delivers something that’s both a powerful dancefloor tune and something a little more cerebral. Robo vocals and layers of buzzing synths combine to create something strangely haunting amongst the pounding drums. Ali Jamieson takes the tracks Funk one step further, turning in a buoyant slab of Turbofunk, heavy on the vintage synth sounds and cosmic sweeps, revealing a gentler side to the original’s vocals. For the full-on Disco version of the track we turn to Louis La Roché who incorporates a bouncy bassline, the kind that can’t help but put a smile on your face, and uplifting keys in a twisting, galactic, mirror ball oddessy that, thanks to the vocals, doesn’t quite shake the original’s unsettling element. The whole package is pretty top quality. Mind-Disco.

♫ Irish Steph – Breathe

♫ Irish Steph – Breathe (Ali Jamieson reMix)

♫ Irish Steph – Breathe (Louis La Roché reMix)

Irish Steph’s Breathe is released 21st January.

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[Mixtape] Ali Jamieson’s ‘October2013 Mix’


Ali Jamieson

Ali Jamieson – October 2013 Mix = Mr. Jamieson doesn’t do things by half! His latest mixtape is an epic two hours long. Jam packed with some of the freshest House and Disco around and a whole load of obscurities. Two hours of education, funk class is now in session.

Ali Jamieson – October 2013 Mix

The tracklist:
01. Silverella – Will You Still Be Mine
02. Mayer Hawthorne – Her Favorite Song (Oliver reMix)
03. Ali Jamieson – Pepper (Moustache Machine reMix)
04. Pomrad – Pomslap
05. KLar&PF – Escape (Extended Mix)
06. Jill Scott – It’s Love (Roman Rauch Dub)
07. Darius & Crayon – Alicia
08. LeMarquis – Something New
09. D-Pulse – Keep On Running (Original Mix)
10. D-Pulse – Keep On Running (Datassette Mix)
11. Honom – Purple Sun
12. Tiger & Woods – Pitch
13. Abhi N – Our Love Is
14. Ben Pearce – Patticakes (Edit)
15. Jupiter – Mama Used To Say
16. Moon Boots – Love Strong
17. beaumont (Feat. Elle Pierre) – Vampire (Clancy’s Super-Noir reMix)
18. Tubbs, Crockett – On The Outside
19. Koto ‎– Jabdah
20. Monte – You Should Know
21. Jensen Sportag – Bellz
22. Jason Burns – Back 2 You (reMix)
23. Todd Terje – Strandbar (Disko Version)
24. Africa – Duffel
25. Blende – Rikki (Majestique reMix)
26. Birdee & Lenno – Need Your Love
27. Lone – Airglow Fires
28. Bicep – Vision Of Love (C2 Edit by Carl Craig)
29. Trentemøller – In Progress
30. Dusky – No More
31. Midland – Archive01
32. Cassio Kohl – Broken
33. Jay Lumen – Nobody
34. Knightbots – Enlightened (Androarp reMix)
35. Mitch Murder – Breeze
36. VV Brown – Samson (Douze reMix)
37. At The Drive-In – One Armed Scissor (The Field reMix)
38. KLar&PF – Endless
39. Röyksopp – Electric Counterpoint: III. Fast (RYXP True To Original Edit)

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[Audio] Ali Jamieson’s ‘Bitrman’ EP



Ali Jamieson’s at it again. The man can’t sit still. Possibly going for the most-releases-in-a-six-month-period record he blew up at the weekend with his latest EP. Released on Mortar & Pestle Sound, the Bitrman EP is another three tracks of Jamieson’s intelligent, quirky Disco. Can this prolific producer keep up the pace? Surely we can get another five EP’s out of him before X-mas?

Bitrman kicks off with it’s title track, a compelling mix of organic and synthetic sounds, of infectious hooks and a spacy atmosphere. Ali tempers the surprisingly Rocky drums with waves of hazy synth sounds and shimmering leads. Paired with a twisted electronic bassline it all created a complex, but accessible groove. Mr. Lobster introduces broken beats into Jamieson’s vintage Disco for a Housey Garage effect while the rear is brought up by Panasonic, an eight minute Italo House epic. A retro-future odyssey with a live jam feel, Panasonic lays down hypnotic electronics as a base for a cavalcade of synth noodling and House-esque vocal snatches. Another sweet EP from Jamieson. Same time next week?

♫ Ali Jamieson – Bitrman

♫ Ali Jamieson – Panasonic

Ali Jamieson’s Bitrman EP is out now.

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[Audio] Ali Jamieson’s ‘Undisclosed’



Next week sees the new release from a man who is rapidly becoming one of the more prolific producers around right now. Ali Jamieson’s release schedule is becoming something to be admired, or decried, depending on your viewpoint, but let us assure you, quality control isn’t about to slip just yet as his latest release, for Noenized, will prove to you.

His new single is called Undisclosed, it’s a shuffling Italo beast that exchanges Jamieson’s usual left-field Funk for some good old-fashioned Boogie. But don’t worry, in amongst the whip-cracking digital bassline sits Ali’s ecclectic vintage Disco stylings as the track soon descends into an epic solo-fest with electric piano, synths and bass all vying for attention. The B-side, Pepper, is actually our favourite of the two tracks. A relaxed slice of Robo-Disco with elements of Moog Funk, Italo, Cosmic Disco and even a little Torpical all coming together with a philosophically mind-blowing vocoder line to create a slice of synthetic relaxation that’s right up our street. The single also comes correct with a reMix od Pepper from French Discomeister Moustache Machine.

♫ Ali Jamieson – Undisclosed

♫ Ali Jamieson – Pepper

Ali Jamieson’s Undisclosed is out 6th August.

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