Ronika’s new single


Hopefully avoiding any disturbances in Nottingham this week, the UK’s most fun and funky DiscoPop chanteuse Ronika has announced her next single, coming in September.

It’ll be some double A-side goodness featuring the tracks ‘Only Only’ and ‘In The City’. You can listen to ‘In The City’ right here. It’s all call to arms, or at least a call to dance, for those of us coping with baking summer days in the urban jungle. Ronika’s slick post-Disco 80’s beats and basslines have never been showed off so perfectly as they are here, add to that a cool Disco lick & an early 90’s House undercurrent and you have a combination that, when Ronika commands you to dance, is unavoidably intoxicating. There’s an excitement to ‘In The City’, a celebration starting anthem that leaves you feeling that the party is about to blow up.

Ronika – In The City

‘Only Only’/‘In The City’ is released 26th September via Record Shop. You can pick up a free Ronika mixtape here.

Buy Ronika’s music from:

6 comments on “Ronika’s new single

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  2. I love Ronika! Think this is my fave so far 🙂 Ron has her sound thats true, i cant help dancing when i hear her music 🙂

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