[Audio] Irish Steph’s ‘Breathe’ (+ Ali Jamieson and Louis La Roché reMixes)


Irish Steph

Breathe is the forthcoming new single from seriously underrated Dubliner Irish Steph. Out at the end of the month on La Valigetta, the single is already getting spun by the likes of Madeon, Philippe Zdar (Cassius), Aeroplane, Justin Faust and Shinichi Osawa and deservedly so. When the release drops you can expect a bursting-at-the-seams reMix package from the likes of Blatta & Inesh, Joao Ceser, Stephane Deschezaux Ali Jamieson and Louis La Roché. Check it out.

Breathe bursts out your speakers with a siren drone before easing in a heartfelt vocal and a heavy bass groove.Walking the line between Nu-Disco and harder Dance sounds, Irish Steph delivers something that’s both a powerful dancefloor tune and something a little more cerebral. Robo vocals and layers of buzzing synths combine to create something strangely haunting amongst the pounding drums. Ali Jamieson takes the tracks Funk one step further, turning in a buoyant slab of Turbofunk, heavy on the vintage synth sounds and cosmic sweeps, revealing a gentler side to the original’s vocals. For the full-on Disco version of the track we turn to Louis La Roché who incorporates a bouncy bassline, the kind that can’t help but put a smile on your face, and uplifting keys in a twisting, galactic, mirror ball oddessy that, thanks to the vocals, doesn’t quite shake the original’s unsettling element. The whole package is pretty top quality. Mind-Disco.

♫ Irish Steph – Breathe

♫ Irish Steph – Breathe (Ali Jamieson reMix)

♫ Irish Steph – Breathe (Louis La Roché reMix)

Irish Steph’s Breathe is released 21st January.

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[Download] Birdee reMixes Reset!’s ‘Shake The Party’



It’s looks like it’s Reset! part time over at Mofo Hi-Fi/Heavy Disco HQ these days. First we were treated to DiscoSocks’ rendition of Reset!’s I Need You and now we’ve got London producer Birdee’s storming version of the Erick Sermon (That’s E-Double, from EPMD, to the grown-ups) featuring Shake The Party. This one deserves to be played loud.

What Birdee has done here, is looked at Gesaffelstein’s recent EBM-in-disguise singles and gone ‘yeah, they sound good, but they’re not much fun are they?’ and imagined a world where Gesaffelstein liked to get down on the dancefloor with the ladies, rather than marching across a post-apocalyptic wasteland with robots of a dubious political persuasion. OK, so Birdee might not have done that, but the end result is the same. Tough arpeggios, noisy synths and distorted blips and zaps all present and correct. But wait, there’s more, Birdee also brings a truck load of funk to the table making those machine riffs submit to the power of the groove. This is powerhouse Disco at it’s most compelling.

Reset! (Feat. Erick Sermon) – Shake The Party (Birdee reMix)

Reset!’s Shake The Party is out now.

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[Audio] DiscoSocks reMixes Reset!’s ‘I Need You’



Reset!’s I Need You was one of the big songs of the summer, big grinding Electro-House with a Disco soul. It occasionally veered a little too far of the Turbofunk path into American ‘EDM’ territory, but on the whole was a slamming tune. So, a few months later here’s London bass jockey DiscoSocks to smooth over the tracks rough edges and reel it back into a dancefloor fun arena. It’s part of the official reMix package that was released this weekend. Get on-board.

DiscoSocks morphs the aggressive growl of the original into a Chromeo-esque slice of slick Disco. Leaning heavily, of course, of the Sock’s awesome bass playing, the track revels in the irresistible bassline running throughout. Layering that with slick Disco licks and heavyweight vintage synths DiscoSocks makes everything, from the hook to the vocals, just that little bit groovier. We just can’t imagine a situation that would prevent you for moving to this one, not even if your dead. If you can’t dance to this one then it may be time to reassess what you’re doing with your life. DiscoSocks really is rising to the top of the London Disco scene.

♫ Reset! – I Need You (DiscoSocks reMix)

Reset!’s I Need You is out now.

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[Audio] Data/Debt’s ‘Dead Pixel’



We’ve been eager to write about this one for a couple of weeks. It’s the next release on London’s Heavy Disco label and it comes from San Francisco based producer Data/Debt (who you may remember mixing up Ali Jamieson’s Four Thirty) in collaboration with Nu-Disco producer Allen Walker on Bass. Dead Pixel is his début release, check it out.

Dead Pixel is a rolling party starter who’s gruff groove is disguised amidst a cheeky line in samples. There’s just no way you can stop your head nodding to this one. You can’t stop smiling either. Thick with broken snatches of vintage Disco records and driving bass, Dead Pixel delivers a nice winter Disco vibe, this one isn’t for poolsides, this is for sweaty backroom clubs and everlasting Funk.

♫ Data/Debt (Feat. Allen Walker) – Dead Pixel

Data/Debt’s Dead Pixel is released 11th November.

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[Mixtape] Ali Jamieson’s ‘October2013 Mix’


Ali Jamieson

Ali Jamieson – October 2013 Mix = Mr. Jamieson doesn’t do things by half! His latest mixtape is an epic two hours long. Jam packed with some of the freshest House and Disco around and a whole load of obscurities. Two hours of education, funk class is now in session.

Ali Jamieson – October 2013 Mix

The tracklist:
01. Silverella – Will You Still Be Mine
02. Mayer Hawthorne – Her Favorite Song (Oliver reMix)
03. Ali Jamieson – Pepper (Moustache Machine reMix)
04. Pomrad – Pomslap
05. KLar&PF – Escape (Extended Mix)
06. Jill Scott – It’s Love (Roman Rauch Dub)
07. Darius & Crayon – Alicia
08. LeMarquis – Something New
09. D-Pulse – Keep On Running (Original Mix)
10. D-Pulse – Keep On Running (Datassette Mix)
11. Honom – Purple Sun
12. Tiger & Woods – Pitch
13. Abhi N – Our Love Is
14. Ben Pearce – Patticakes (Edit)
15. Jupiter – Mama Used To Say
16. Moon Boots – Love Strong
17. beaumont (Feat. Elle Pierre) – Vampire (Clancy’s Super-Noir reMix)
18. Tubbs, Crockett – On The Outside
19. Koto ‎– Jabdah
20. Monte – You Should Know
21. Jensen Sportag – Bellz
22. Jason Burns – Back 2 You (reMix)
23. Todd Terje – Strandbar (Disko Version)
24. Africa – Duffel
25. Blende – Rikki (Majestique reMix)
26. Birdee & Lenno – Need Your Love
27. Lone – Airglow Fires
28. Bicep – Vision Of Love (C2 Edit by Carl Craig)
29. Trentemøller – In Progress
30. Dusky – No More
31. Midland – Archive01
32. Cassio Kohl – Broken
33. Jay Lumen – Nobody
34. Knightbots – Enlightened (Androarp reMix)
35. Mitch Murder – Breeze
36. VV Brown – Samson (Douze reMix)
37. At The Drive-In – One Armed Scissor (The Field reMix)
38. KLar&PF – Endless
39. Röyksopp – Electric Counterpoint: III. Fast (RYXP True To Original Edit)

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[Audio] Speaker Bomb’s ‘B.A.B.Y.’/’Superdisco’


Speaker Bomb

Speaker Bomb are a Nu-Disco trio from Bologna and San Francisco who are about to release a summery double A-side single on Heavy Disco. Two tracks of no complications, no delusions of greatness, bottom line party tunes, B.A.B.Y. and Superdisco. You can tell from the names what the deal is, can’t you? Switch of your brain and put your shades on, we’re going in.

B.A.B.Y. is a French House influenced Disco tune, revolving around a handful of totally infectious Disco samples. If you;re looking for anything innovative or intelligent, you’ve come to the wrong place, this is pretty lowest common denominator Disco, but executed with flair and one that’s pretty much guaranteed to keep the floor moving. Similar vibes are found on it’s AA-side. Superdisco, once again, is all about the filtered loops and tight beats. What for the build and get this on when your relaxing by the pool, if you’re lucky enough to have a pool, which we’re not. Oh well.

♫ Speaker Bomb – B.A.B.Y.

♫ Speaker Bomb – Superdisco

Speaker Bomb’s B.A.B.Y./Superdisco is released 19th August.

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[Mixtape] Ali Jamieson’s ‘Spring 2013 Mix’


Ali Jamieson_thumb

Ali Jamieson – Spring 2013 Mix = Ali’s back with another monster selection for the warmer months. He’s taking things soulful and ecclectic with this track packed 1hr 45mins. Having a BBQ, then this is the one for you.

Ali Jamieson – Spring 2013 Mix

The tracklist:
01. Tobtok – Pegasus
02. Ali Jamieson – In Light Of
03. OPOLOPO – Linear Strut
04. Ali Jamieson – Pending
05. Anthony Shake Shakir – Detroit State Of Mind (Space Dimension Controller reMix)
06. Jazzanova – Let Your Heart Be Free
07. Jill Scott – Love Rain (Detroit Swindle’s seasonal Redux)
08. Brandt Brauer Frick – Bop
09. Joy Orbison – Donell
10. Just Kiddin’ – Pray
11. Justus Kohncke – Timecode (Tyree Cooper Mix)
12. Butch (Feat. Benjamin Franklin) – Faith (PBR Streetgang reMix)
13. Locked Groove – Do It Anyway
14. Justin Timberlake (Feat. Ciara) – Love Sex Magic (Bodhi reMix)
15. MDNR – Streets Of Gold (Kreap’s Deep Dub Mix)
16. Monsoon Season (Feat. Miss Bee) – Too Cold For Love
17. Spektrum – Ambush In Istanbul (Kiwi Remix)
18. Attack Yourself! – Laser Flip (Bit Funk reMix)
19. Jonas Rathsman – Bringing You Down
20. Maetrik – Walk Alone (Maceo Plex Revenge)
21. Back Back Forward Punch – Zero to Disco (Dublin Aunts reMix)
22. Andre Crom – Reality (Dusky Remix)
23. M83 Vs. Koo De Tah – Oblivion/Body Talk (Ali Jamieson Bootleg)
24. Arcade Fire – No Cars Go (Christian Strobe reMix)
25. Funk D’Void – All That Matters
26. Alizzz – B4
27. Siriusmo – Itchy
28. Phonat – Ride The Prejudice

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[Mixtape] Ali Jamieson’s ‘March 2013 Mix’


Ali Jamieson

Ali Jamieson – March 2013 Mix = Mr. Jamieson has delivered another epic two hour mix this month. For March we’ve got an amazing collection of deep deep Disco and House including a couple of choice cuts from electronic rumors (Substatic’s reMix of Ronika’s Wiyoo and Box Of Wolves & Christa Vi’s new single Boy).

Ali Jamieson – March 2013 Mix

The tracklist:
01. Data/Debt – Bombay Star
02. Box Of Wolves & Christa Vi – Boy
03. Patterns – Sunny Days (Seashore reMix)
04. Sneaky Sound System – Friends (Plastic Plates reMix)
05. Madonna – Lucky Star (Moustache Machine reMix)
06. Ditongo – Gattone
07. Floating Points – Vacuum Boogie
08. Gorge – LA Angels (Audiojack reMix)
09. Bonobo – Cirrus
10. Lukas Lyrestam – Dallas
11. The Gossip – Move In The Right Direction (Classixx reMix)
12. Black Strobe – The Girl From The Bayou (Holmes Price reMix)
13. Kolombo (Feat. Plastic Bertrand) – Stop Ou Encore
14. Heston & RECovery – Street Girl
15. Terranova – I Want To Go Out (David Mayer Mix)
16. Marco Dassi – Amigdala (Things Happen reMix)
17. Ronika – Wiyoo (Substatic reMix)
18. Isaac Tichauer – Devotion
19. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Your Love (Waze & Odyssey Street Tracks Mix)
20. Douze – Emmanuele (Dans L’Espace)
21. Benoit & Sergio – Everybody
22. Spiller (Feat Nina Miranda) – Urastar (The Supermen Lovers reMix)
23. Touch & Go – Gotta’ Have You
24. Marcus Marr – The Music
25. Andrea Doria LXR A.K.A. Lutzenkirchen – Freak Me (Phonat reMix)
26. Mario Basanov (Feat. Jazzu) – Under Your Feet
27. Lovebirds (Feat. Stee Downes) – Want You In My Soul

Ali Jamieson’s Four Thirty single is out now and available for free here.

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[MP3] Blende & Surrender!

Blende & Surrender!

London purveyors of ballsy, rough, Disco sounds La Bombe have come up with the genius idea of releasing a collaborative EP featuring to of their artists who really took 2012 for and make it their own. UK producer Blende and Turkish wunderkind Surrender! have joined forces to release an EP that is showing signs of being everything a team-up of these proportions promises.

Two tracks from the February released Synapse EP have been aired so far. Circus, a crazy collision between early German Techno and rocking French Electro that soon launches into a full-on baroque Disco stomper that put’s the recent Justice album to shame. The EP’s title track, Synapse kicks straight off with an insanely catchy riff and soon descend into pure, unbridled, French Electro joy. The epitome of everything we love about French Electro, Synapse couple be held up as a masterclass in doing it properly. It makes you sad for everyone else.

Blende & Surrender! – Circus

♫ Blende & Surrender! – Synapse

Blende & Surrender!’s Synapse EP is released 18th February

Check out more from Blende & Surrender! on SoundCloud.

[MP3] Ali Jamieson’s ‘Four Thirty’ EP

ali jaimeson

So tracks just take their time. We first featured London producer Ali Jamieson’s Four Thirty  in it’s demo form back in 2011. Ali’s been pretty busy since then working begin the scenes for MofoHiFI and their sister label Heavy Disco and their amazing roster of artists, but it’s now his time to step into the limelight as Four Thirty finally gets a full release.

Four Thirty, as we mentioned last time it featured on these pages, is a wicked mixture of Synth Funk vibes and dirty Nu-Disco. A chugging bassline and some gritty synths give the track enough balls to earn the Heavy Disco title, but this is nicely off-set by some dreamy vintage synth stabs and twisting Funk melodies. reMixes on the single come from Holmes Price, Alizzz and these two gems from 5eya and Data/Debt. 5eya takes the track down smooth new roads with his laid back deep Disco mix. Dropping a hazy vocal sample into the ix adds a special touch to his reMix, sitting pretty amongst the waves of chilled sounds. The Robo Funk is turned up to eleven on Data/Debt version of the track. With a slight Italo flavour, Data/Debt unleashes some euphoric House hooks that roll atop a pounding futuristic groove. Awesome stuff. Did we mention that the whole single is free?

Ali Jamieson – Four Thirty (Original Mix)

Ali Jamieson – Four Thirty (5eya reMix)

Ali Jamieson – Four Thirty (Data/Debt reMix)

Ali Jamieson’s Four Thirty single is out now and available for free here.

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