[Download] Birdee reMixes Reset!’s ‘Shake The Party’



It’s looks like it’s Reset! part time over at Mofo Hi-Fi/Heavy Disco HQ these days. First we were treated to DiscoSocks’ rendition of Reset!’s I Need You and now we’ve got London producer Birdee’s storming version of the Erick Sermon (That’s E-Double, from EPMD, to the grown-ups) featuring Shake The Party. This one deserves to be played loud.

What Birdee has done here, is looked at Gesaffelstein’s recent EBM-in-disguise singles and gone ‘yeah, they sound good, but they’re not much fun are they?’ and imagined a world where Gesaffelstein liked to get down on the dancefloor with the ladies, rather than marching across a post-apocalyptic wasteland with robots of a dubious political persuasion. OK, so Birdee might not have done that, but the end result is the same. Tough arpeggios, noisy synths and distorted blips and zaps all present and correct. But wait, there’s more, Birdee also brings a truck load of funk to the table making those machine riffs submit to the power of the groove. This is powerhouse Disco at it’s most compelling.

Reset! (Feat. Erick Sermon) – Shake The Party (Birdee reMix)

Reset!’s Shake The Party is out now.

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[MP3] Birdee reMixes Duke Dumont

Duke Dumont

Here’s a cheeky little bootleg from London based Italian TurboFunker Birdee. He’s taken the time to rework on his favourite tunes of 2012, Duke Dumont’s The Giver. In his own words:Duke Dumont’s The Giver is one of my favourite tracks of 2012 – I love the vibe of it and the vocal is incredibly intense. I liked the remix package, but I thought a disco rework would have complemented it perfectly…so here it is. Just a little homage to a great producer and a great tune. Hope you enjoy it!”.

The original version of the tune has a deep House vibe and a hypnotic groove with some wonderful dancefloor moments, but Birdee takes all that, ditched it, and morphs the track into a full-on beach party Disco anthem. With a looping Disco hook, pounding drums and a really sweet build Birdee keep the energy levels high and dancefloors destroyed.

Duke Dumont – The Giver (Birdee ‘It’s All Gone Disco’ Rebuild)

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Fire Flowerz & Birdee

Fire Flowerz & Birdee

For the second time this month, Italian Disco grinders Fire Flowerz are on the team up tip. This time hopping over to MofoHiFi’s sister label Heavy Disco for a huge new double A-side single with Birdee. We hope you like irresistible grooves and filtering, things are going to get a bit awkward if you don’t.

Fire Flowerz & Birdee’s Nocturne EP [sic] (I say [sic] there, ‘cos two tracks does not make an EP, but anyway…) contains two tracks of beefy French inspired Disco. Kicking of with In The Night, these two tracks take no prisoners on the dancefloor. In The Night is a classic peak time Disco House tune, just the right amount of the catchy vocal sample, just the right amount of filtered builds, and just the right mix of hard hitting and funky. A workhorse Disco tune. When The Evening Comes breaks a more soulful ground, keeping the tempo up but rocking a 70s Disco flavour. Two shining Disco starts right here.

♫ Fire Flowerz & Birdee – In The Night

♫ Fire Flowerz & Birdee – When The Evening Comes

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