[MP3] Blende & Surrender!

Blende & Surrender!

London purveyors of ballsy, rough, Disco sounds La Bombe have come up with the genius idea of releasing a collaborative EP featuring to of their artists who really took 2012 for and make it their own. UK producer Blende and Turkish wunderkind Surrender! have joined forces to release an EP that is showing signs of being everything a team-up of these proportions promises.

Two tracks from the February released Synapse EP have been aired so far. Circus, a crazy collision between early German Techno and rocking French Electro that soon launches into a full-on baroque Disco stomper that put’s the recent Justice album to shame. The EP’s title track, Synapse kicks straight off with an insanely catchy riff and soon descend into pure, unbridled, French Electro joy. The epitome of everything we love about French Electro, Synapse couple be held up as a masterclass in doing it properly. It makes you sad for everyone else.

Blende & Surrender! – Circus

♫ Blende & Surrender! – Synapse

Blende & Surrender!’s Synapse EP is released 18th February

Check out more from Blende & Surrender! on SoundCloud.

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