[Audio] Speaker Bomb’s ‘B.A.B.Y.’/’Superdisco’


Speaker Bomb

Speaker Bomb are a Nu-Disco trio from Bologna and San Francisco who are about to release a summery double A-side single on Heavy Disco. Two tracks of no complications, no delusions of greatness, bottom line party tunes, B.A.B.Y. and Superdisco. You can tell from the names what the deal is, can’t you? Switch of your brain and put your shades on, we’re going in.

B.A.B.Y. is a French House influenced Disco tune, revolving around a handful of totally infectious Disco samples. If you;re looking for anything innovative or intelligent, you’ve come to the wrong place, this is pretty lowest common denominator Disco, but executed with flair and one that’s pretty much guaranteed to keep the floor moving. Similar vibes are found on it’s AA-side. Superdisco, once again, is all about the filtered loops and tight beats. What for the build and get this on when your relaxing by the pool, if you’re lucky enough to have a pool, which we’re not. Oh well.

♫ Speaker Bomb – B.A.B.Y.

♫ Speaker Bomb – Superdisco

Speaker Bomb’s B.A.B.Y./Superdisco is released 19th August.

Buy Speaker Bomb’s music from:


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