[Audio] DiscoSocks reMixes Reset!’s ‘I Need You’



Reset!’s I Need You was one of the big songs of the summer, big grinding Electro-House with a Disco soul. It occasionally veered a little too far of the Turbofunk path into American ‘EDM’ territory, but on the whole was a slamming tune. So, a few months later here’s London bass jockey DiscoSocks to smooth over the tracks rough edges and reel it back into a dancefloor fun arena. It’s part of the official reMix package that was released this weekend. Get on-board.

DiscoSocks morphs the aggressive growl of the original into a Chromeo-esque slice of slick Disco. Leaning heavily, of course, of the Sock’s awesome bass playing, the track revels in the irresistible bassline running throughout. Layering that with slick Disco licks and heavyweight vintage synths DiscoSocks makes everything, from the hook to the vocals, just that little bit groovier. We just can’t imagine a situation that would prevent you for moving to this one, not even if your dead. If you can’t dance to this one then it may be time to reassess what you’re doing with your life. DiscoSocks really is rising to the top of the London Disco scene.

♫ Reset! – I Need You (DiscoSocks reMix)

Reset!’s I Need You is out now.

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