[Audio] Irish Steph’s ‘Breathe’ (+ Ali Jamieson and Louis La Roché reMixes)


Irish Steph

Breathe is the forthcoming new single from seriously underrated Dubliner Irish Steph. Out at the end of the month on La Valigetta, the single is already getting spun by the likes of Madeon, Philippe Zdar (Cassius), Aeroplane, Justin Faust and Shinichi Osawa and deservedly so. When the release drops you can expect a bursting-at-the-seams reMix package from the likes of Blatta & Inesh, Joao Ceser, Stephane Deschezaux Ali Jamieson and Louis La Roché. Check it out.

Breathe bursts out your speakers with a siren drone before easing in a heartfelt vocal and a heavy bass groove.Walking the line between Nu-Disco and harder Dance sounds, Irish Steph delivers something that’s both a powerful dancefloor tune and something a little more cerebral. Robo vocals and layers of buzzing synths combine to create something strangely haunting amongst the pounding drums. Ali Jamieson takes the tracks Funk one step further, turning in a buoyant slab of Turbofunk, heavy on the vintage synth sounds and cosmic sweeps, revealing a gentler side to the original’s vocals. For the full-on Disco version of the track we turn to Louis La Roché who incorporates a bouncy bassline, the kind that can’t help but put a smile on your face, and uplifting keys in a twisting, galactic, mirror ball oddessy that, thanks to the vocals, doesn’t quite shake the original’s unsettling element. The whole package is pretty top quality. Mind-Disco.

♫ Irish Steph – Breathe

♫ Irish Steph – Breathe (Ali Jamieson reMix)

♫ Irish Steph – Breathe (Louis La Roché reMix)

Irish Steph’s Breathe is released 21st January.

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