[Audio] Data/Debt’s ‘Dead Pixel’



We’ve been eager to write about this one for a couple of weeks. It’s the next release on London’s Heavy Disco label and it comes from San Francisco based producer Data/Debt (who you may remember mixing up Ali Jamieson’s Four Thirty) in collaboration with Nu-Disco producer Allen Walker on Bass. Dead Pixel is his début release, check it out.

Dead Pixel is a rolling party starter who’s gruff groove is disguised amidst a cheeky line in samples. There’s just no way you can stop your head nodding to this one. You can’t stop smiling either. Thick with broken snatches of vintage Disco records and driving bass, Dead Pixel delivers a nice winter Disco vibe, this one isn’t for poolsides, this is for sweaty backroom clubs and everlasting Funk.

♫ Data/Debt (Feat. Allen Walker) – Dead Pixel

Data/Debt’s Dead Pixel is released 11th November.

Buy Data/Debt’s music from:


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