Lueur Verte reMixes Arcade High


The Maddie Ardillo featuring Crush was one of the highlights of Pittsburgh’s SynthWave export Arcade High’s recent album The Art Of Youth. As seeing as how it’s was an all round excellent album that’s really saying something. So good was it that French retro Electro master Lueur Verte couldn’t keep his hands off it and delivers a stunning, hazy, rework of the tune.

Lueur Verte brings all his skills to the table here, crafting a delicious dream of a track. Sweet vintage synth lines crash against the Italo beats like waves of nostalgia. Each wash conjuring the mood of decades gone by. The synths sparkle, the bassline bounces along, the chords are rich and emotive, Lueur Verte plays to his strengths and works the vocal to bring out a new kind of passion in the performance. Uplifting and euphoric. There are some who are right at the top of the 80’s synth scene, Lueur Verte is definitely one.

Arcade High (Feat. Maddie Ardillo) – Crush (Lueur Verte reMix)

Arcade High’s The Art Of Youth is out now.

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Lueur Verte reMixes DiscoRazor


Out this week is the new single from French SynthWave/Nu-Disco producer DiscoRazor, Golden Night’. Alongside reMixes from Judgement Dernier and Paul! you’ll find this tasty mix from the one and only Lueur Verte.

Lueur Verte brings his typical style of powerful, driven SynthWave to the track with a track worthy of soundtracking the most climactic of action sequences in the best of ‘80’s cinema. With a sense of urgency the track rolls forward, carried along by a punchy Italo bassline and some starlight synths. There’s a nice bit of digital guitar in there too to give the track some oomph, but ultimately the track wins out through Lueur Verte vintage sound and his attention to melody. The Frenchman keeps getting better and better.

♫ DiscoRazor – Golden Night (Lueur Verte reMix)

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Lueur Verte’s ‘Night Slasher II’

Lueur Verte

French SynthWave master Lueur Verte returns this week with a brand new track. A follow up to a track released late last year. The original ‘Night Slasher’ was a moody, atmospheric slice of synthetic dread. How does ‘the Revenge’ measure up?

‘Night Slasher II (The Revenge)’ shared a lot in common with it’s predecessor. I suppose that’s natural for soundtrack inspired music, soundtrack normally have running musical beats and themes throughout to tie them together as a whole, and that’s the approach Lueur Verte has taken here. I’s still the same kinds of mysterious, dark SynthWave but the lurking horror has been replace with something more befitting an action sequence. The addition for more layered synths and a nod toward Industrial percussion gives the track more of a driving energy. If you want your Outrun Electro to cosiest of Italo basslines to give you a kick in the ass and Ice synths to send a chill down your spine, then Lueur Verte has you covered. SynthWave tune of the week.

Lueur Verte – Night Slasher II (The Revenge)

‘Night Slasher II (The Revenge)’ is released today.

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Awkoder’s ‘Nightrain’ reMixes


We featured Awkoder’s moody ‘Nightrain’ earlier in the month, a evocative, atmospheric Italo tinged SynthWave tune.

Now there’s three reMixes of the track for you to relive the stormy highs of two weeks ago. Frenchman Tommy ramps up the excitement factor with driving drums and laser blast synths. Tommy’s attention grabbing reimagining of the track is full of nervous energy and makes the perfect partner for the brooding original. Protector101’s mix brings things back to the dark clouds vibe of the original but adds a touch of his own deep synth work with some particularly bright lead lines and twisting, amazing, solos playing against the dark moods of the track. Michael Brun’s Lueur Verte project takes the tune straight to that strange place where retro synth music and hair metal meet at the movies for a ‘Fuck Yeah’ moment of fist pumping.

Awkoder – Nightrain (Tommy reMix)

Awkoder – Nightrain (Protector 101 reMix)

Awkoder – Nightrain (Lueur Verte reMix)

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Lueur Verte

Lueur Verte

Frenchman Michael Brun, otherwise known as Lueur Verte, makes some of the richest retro SynthWave you’ll have heard in a while.

Steeped in Italo and ‘80’s Sci-Fi soundtracks Lueur Verte creates brooding, atmospheric synth peices and then takes a leaf out of fellow countryman’s Jean-Michel Jarre’s book with intricate melodies and solos. Check out his latest track, ‘Last Flight’, which is so dark future it boarders on EBM at times. Evocative stuff!

Lueur Verte – Last Flight

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