Sébastien Tellier reMixed by Tommy

Sébastien Tellier

So, as we heave shut the storm door against the lashing out inbox will undoubtedly get from the flood of reMixes of Sébastien Tellier’s Russian Attractions, we’re pretty sure this is the last post we’ll do on these mixes. We’ll probably do a round-up of the best toward the end of the reMix competition, but before that there is just time to sneak in a look at French SynthWave merchant Tommy’s excellent, atmospheric, mix of the track.

Tommy outdoes himself with this one, putting himself way up in the competition rankings. His reMix flows along with a subtle brilliance. With a space age 80’s moody, this mid-paced mix envelopes itself in swirls of warm, thick retro synth sounds and sparking lead lines that perfectly compliment Tellier’s romantic croon. Tommy grasp on brining his SynthWave sound to a Pop song is flawless, with harmonious verses that soar into the lush chords of the chorus with the confidence of the best ElectroPop. Stunning work from Tommy.

♫ Sébastien Tellier – Russian Attractions (Tommy reMix)

Russian Attractions is taken from Sébastien Tellier‘s new album My God Is Blue available now via Record Makers.

Buy Sébastien Tellier’s music from:

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