Tommy’s new EP


Released this weekend was the new EP from French SynthWaver Tommy. Tommy has slowly been building up a strong reputation in SynthWave circles for pumping Italo influenced tracks with soaring solos and this new EP, titled ‘Tuned Into The Future’, is crammed full of space-age synthesizer heaven. Six tracks to lift your emotions and move your feet.

The whole of ‘Tuned Into The Future’ plays like a complete soundtrack, a full narrative, both thematically and musically. Each track seems to capture a section of a story unfolding and gently ease you into the next. From the intro track, ‘Highway Heat’, whose driven Electro beats and cosmic Vangelis-esque lead lines set you up for the coming EP experience to the gentle  synthesized ebb and flow of ‘Plage Bleue’, each peice is quite separate, yet feels part of a whole. this is an EP that should be experienced, on headphones, from start to finish. As the tone shifts from the contemplative ‘Endless Desolation’ to the energized soundtrack of ‘A Town In Chaos’ you, as the listener, just tend to go with it, allowing your emotional journey to be led by Tommy’s expressive playing. It’s difficult to single out individual tracks within the ‘Tuned Into The Future’ EP, suffice to say the EP ends on the title track, which is a majestic synth epic that really sees the collection off on a high.

♫ Tommy – Highway Heat

♫ Tommy – A Town In Chaos

♫ Tommy – Plage Bleue

♫ Tommy – Tuned Into The Future

Tommy’s ‘Tuned Into The Future’ EP is out now.

Buy Tommy’s music from:

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