Gossip Culture reMixed by Tommy

Gossip Culture

Hey! It’s one of our favourite Chilly Indie-Electro types, Gossip Culture, reMixed by one of our favourite SynthWave producers Tommy! The Cleveland ElectroPopster is gearing up for a summer release for his new single Just Fine With You, along with a super secret reMix line up. One of those reMixers, however, we can identify as the cream of the French SynthWave scene.

The original track is a fun, rolling summery Indie-electro jam with a Chillwave edge. All floaty, catchy, vocals and washes of reverb. Driven along by a rolling bassline and retro synth stabs, Just Fine With You, captures and optimistic feel good vibe and an effortless Indie cool. And there’s sax, ‘nuff said. Tommy takes that vibe and runs with it, crafting a sweeping nostalgic sound with bright synths and an Italo groove. Slightly switching up the rhythm of the vocals, usually a disaster, works well here, pushing the track forward and making this, more dancefloor oriented version, more urgent feeling. Excellent work from both parties, we can’t wait to see what the rest of the single holds.

♫ Gossip Culture – Just Fine With You (Tommy reMix)

Gossip Culture – Just Fine With You

Just Fine With You is out this summer.

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