Kavinsky & Tommy


Despite a resurgence of interest in it after it’s prominence on the ‘Drive ‘soundtrack, Kavinsky’s ‘Nightcall’ is getting on a bit now, so I have to ask, “do we really need any more remixes of it, especially as when it was first released there was a remix competition?” Well SynthWave producer Tommy has answered that question, and surprisingly the answer is “yes!”.

The German SynthWave genius has created possibly the most beautiful reMix of this track we have ever heard. Subtly changing the lead riff and the progression in ways that, at times, make it feel like a brand new song. “A new lease of life” is a phrase that gets thrown around by people talking about reMixes all too often to the point where it becomes meaningless, but Tommy really does give ‘Nightcall’ a new lease of life. The track becomes slightly more uplifting musically, whist retaining the mid-tempo groove, a lot of the originals darkness is replaced with a more optimistic set of chords, which in turn seems to lift the amazing Lovefoxxx‘s vocals to an altogether poppier place. This track is the dawn to Kavinsky’s midnight.

Kavinsky (Feat. Lovefoxxx From CSS) – Nightcall (Tommy reMix)

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