[MP3] Nightcrawler’s ‘Road Blaster’

Spanish SynthWave producer Nightcrawler released his Road Blaster single this week. Not only has he delivered a stormingly powerful slice of retro synth music, but he’s collected some of the top talent in the scene to contribute reMixes to the release. Miami Nights 1984, Tommy, Dynatron, Protector 101 and 80s Stallone all put in an appearance, which reads like a whos-who of the cream of the scene. It;s almost impossible to pick favourites here.

The original version of Road Blaster is a driving example of atmospheric instrumental Italo. Fuelled by  rich, dark synths and a stomping beat, Road Burner offsets it’s ominous tone with playful melodies and an exciting tone. Miami Nights 1984 reMix injects the tune with a little vintage electronic Funk, bringing out a bouncing bassline to give the track some groove, whilst layering his thick 80s chords with some of the most beautiful piano work and soloing we’ve heard in a SynthWave track for a long time. MN84’s reMix is truly epic. Frenchman Tommy’s take on the track is suitably Sci-Fi. Utilising waves of cosmic synths to wrap the listener in a wash of electronic wonder. For a darker, more dystopian, vision of Road Blaster Protector 101 dials back the tempo and works his was around haunting and sometimes oppressive sounds but with an air of optimism throughout.  The whole is EP an excellent excursion in nostalgic soundtrack Italo and well worthy of your attention. It’s free too.

Nightcrawler – Road Blaster

Nightcrawler – Road Blaster (Miami Nights 1984 reMix)

Nightcrawler – Road Blaster (Tommy reMix)

Nightcrawler – Road Blaster (Protector 101 reMix)

Pick up the whole EP right now, for free, on Nightcrawler’s Bandcamp.

Buy Nightcrawler’s music from:

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